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Bow Wow Dog Houses Announces Options for Staying Cool During the Dog Days of Summer




(PRESS RELEASE) LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles-based Bow Wow Dog Houses has announced the option to add cooling methods to their Standard Series and Signature Series of dog homes. As temperatures rise in August, dogs still wish to spend time in their backyard houses, but need a little help keeping cool. Bow Wow Dog Houses now offers several solutions; insulation, solar-powered exhaust fans and air conditioners. 

Bow Wow Dog Houses built into their design the option of adding up to 1” of insulation, which can be added to the walls, the floor and the roof. Insulation offers a barrier from the heat, but also provides protection from colder temperatures in the winter. 

When adding insulation to the floor of the house, it creates a barrier that will help to keep the cooler ground temperatures from escaping rapidly. During colder months, insulation helps to keep the pet’s body heat in the house. Wall insulation can help keep the temperature moderate, while roof insulation allows the home to maintain cooler temperatures. 

Another option to help move the warm air from the roof attic is a solar-powered exhaust fan, which Bow Wow Dog Houses mounts on the roof so that it is concealed from the dog.


The ultimate option for a cool dog house, is to add an air conditioner. The unit is easy to install and is small, with dimensions of 8” x 9” x 13”. Even the largest dog house can be cooled off with this 1400 BTU’s unit. The thermostatically controlled air conditioner mounts to the side of the house or can be attached to irregular shaped houses using flexible insulated tubing.

“Protecting your dog from the heat during hot months is essential to having a happy pup. We suggest positioning the dog house under a tree to provide shade. And always make sure your dog has plenty of fresh drinking water,” said Larry Hobbs, President and CEO of Bow Wow Dog Houses. “In addition to those tips, we’re thrilled to offer options for the dog house to keep dogs cool, such as the air conditioner that uses an eco-friendly refrigerant. Our houses are built from non-toxic materials, so this air conditioner is in keeping with our philosophy.”

Bow Wow Dog Houses is a product line of parent company Brent-Wood Products, a family-owned and operated company with three generations of woodworking and design experience established in 1963. 

Fully constructed in the U.S.A., Bow Wow Dog Houses utilizes premium materials made only from environmentally conscious resources. Each and every home is built to the highest standards of safety and comfort. Bow Wow’s Standard Dog Houses are designed with three components – base, home and roof from eco-friendly wood products.  From there, clients have the option to select from a variety of material, stain and paint colors, and numerous design features. 

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