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Bow Wow Labs Champions National Pet Choking Prevention Day

It’s partnering with veterinarian and spokesperson Dr. Judy Morgan.




(PRESS RELEASE) NOVATO, CA — Tragically, there are over 200,000 pet choking incidents in the United States every year, not only resulting in millions of dollars in veterinarian fees, but more importantly, also costing pet-parents and veterinary professionals an immeasurable and irreversible physical and emotional toll.

Inspired with the single goal of working to eliminate pet choking risks worldwide, this officially-registered national day on June 22nd and corresponding educational awareness campaign was created by Bow Wow Labs, Inc., inventors of the life-protecting Bow Wow Buddy, to build and grow a global community of pet-parents and pet-lovers that share their dedication to keep pets safe, healthy and happy.

Partnering with renowned veterinarian and spokesperson Dr. Judy Morgan, National Pet Choking Prevention Day will be recognized for the first time on June 22, 2023 with a simple mission of “Target: Zero”. Spreading education to pet-parents all over the globe about the everyday pet choking hazards around your home. The National Pet Choking Prevention Day campaign shares the shocking statistics of how common (and avoidable) pet choking is, but most importantly, it shares the simple yet important ways we can come together to help eliminate common risks from toys, chews, and more for our beloved pets.

Sadly, pet choking tragedies (or near-tragedies when the pet does survive) cause panic, fear and anxiety to pets, pet-parents and veterinary professionals worldwide that try to save their lives, but retailers and pet-parents alike must come together to educate and promote prevention.

At the forefront of prevention is an affordable, simple to use product that can save more pets lives–the Bow Wow Buddy safety device is life-protecting, veterinarian-approved and dog-loved. Each Bow Wow Buddy device tightly secures bully sticks and other long-term chews, helping to prevent dogs from choking on that last small bit while at the same time reducing the potential risk of obstruction on the tail-end of the treat.

For more information on National Pet Choking Prevention Day and be part of change, please visit For more information about Bow Wow Labs and their unwavering commitment to saving more pets’ lives, the award-winning product-innovations, and more, please visit And all questions and orders can also be directed to

About Bow Wow Labs

Bow Wow Labs, Inc. (BWL) is the maker of innovative products that help to keep dogs safe, healthy, and happy. BWL is best-known for the life-protecting Bow Wow Buddy along with its line of Safe Fit Bully Sticks, which have had great success since launching in 2018. Safe Fit Bully Sticks are made from fresh, 100% grass-fed cattle, free of chemicals and hormones. With a growing line of nutritious dog treats and chews, BWL has many more new products and innovation on the horizon! Learn more at



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