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Bow Wow Labs Launches 4in1 Toothpaste Gel and Toothbrush for Dogs

The dental care products join the company’s chew and treat offerings, and its Bully Buddy chew holder.




(PRESS RELEASE) NOVATO, CA — Bow Wow Labs, Inc. (BWL), makers of innovative products that help to keep dogs safe, healthy and happy, announces that they will be adding dental products to its fast-growing product line. Its new 4in1 Enzymatic Toothpaste Gel and 4in1 Toothbrush will be launching just in time for National Pet Dental Health Month.

“One of our main responsibilities as a pet owner is to ensure that we are maintaining our pet’s health and wellness by scheduling regular vet visits and providing proper nutrition,” says Johnna Devereaux, C.P.N. at BWL. “When it comes to keeping our pets healthy, pet parents often overlook the importance of oral hygiene. The BWL team understands that your dog’s oral health is directly linked to their overall health. We are excited to provide pet parents with a complete dental line including an enzymatic toothpaste gel and innovative toothbrush for dogs that is easy to use, safe and effective.”

The 4in1 Enzymatic Toothpaste Gel is a gentle and soothing formula using only the highest quality ingredients. The unique blend of aloe, manuka honey, sage, baking soda, parsley and enzymes supports healthy gums, prevents plaque formation, eliminates harmful bacteria, soothes gums and freshens your dog’s breath at the same time.

Dr. Jerry Moore of the San Rafael Veterinary Clinic in California, a practicing veterinarian of over 40 years, states, “The toothbrush design is very effective for cleaning the teeth with the bristles angled to the gingival margin (gumline) where brushing is most important.” Dr. Moore also advises pet owners to start training dogs to accept toothbrushing in early puppyhood, but it’s never too late to start healthy habits with dogs of any age. All pups can be taught to accept an oral hygiene routine, if introduced correctly.

The 4in1 Toothbrush allows for the ultimate brushing experience for both dog and owner. The patented four-head design allows for quick, efficient, and effective cleaning that is also complete and thorough. While the three heads are cleaning the surface area of the teeth at one time, the fourth head is gently cleaning hard to reach places on the opposing tooth while also helping to keep your dog’s mouth open for easier brushing. The comfortable, gripped handle makes holding the brush a breeze and reduces slippage during brushing. The brush cover allows for stand-up storage, keeping the bristles clean and free of bacteria, when cleaned properly.

The combination 4in1 Toothpaste Gel and 4in1 Toothbrush allows pet parents the ease of caring for their dog in a quick and efficient manner that also saves them money. Not only does this combo allow all of the benefits stated above, but it cuts brushing time to under 20 seconds. Brush daily and forgo the yearly cost of having your dog’s teeth professionally cleaned. It’s as easy as that.


Pet owners can get ready for National Pet Dental Health Month and the launch of BWL’s new dental care line with brushing tips from BWL.

  • Work with your dog. Never force anything by holding them down or forcing the action.
  • Allow your dog to sniff the brush before inserting into mouth.
  • Prevent the bacteria build-up that leads to odor, plaque and tartar by brushing daily.

BWL is best-known for the Bully Buddy along with its line of Safe Fit Bully Sticks, which have had great success since launching in 2018. Bow Wow Labs Safe Fit Bully Sticks™ are made from fresh, 100% grass-fed cattle that’s free of chemicals and hormones. They also offer nutritious dog treats like Waggy Wafers and Crunch Puffs, with many more products on the horizon. Learn more at:



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