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Bow Wow Labs Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

The company is raising funds to support the launch of two products.




NOVATO, CA — Bow Wow Labs Inc. is launching an equity crowdfunding campaign on Wefunder.

The campaign “will provide the capital to fuel even faster growth and enable the company to launch two exciting, innovative new products that pets will love and that will further the company’s core mission of pet health and wellness.” The company notes that “any retailer, distributor, partner, agency [or] industry friend” is welcome to invest.

The company makes the Bow Wow Buddy bully stick holder and other pet products.

“It’s no secret that the pet industry has seen a lot of change, acquisitions, mergers and investors coming into our growing space. But rarely does any individual, either working inside or connected to the pet industry, have the opportunity to invest at an early stage of growth into what has been identified as a ‘hot early stage company,'” the company stated in a press release.

More from the release:

After its first 30 months of double-digit growth in sales, going from $5K a month to over $4M a year, Bow Wow Labs just had record monthly revenue exceeding $600,000 in both November and December, pushing the company to over $7.5M per year in revenue projected on an annualized basis.

With a mission dedicated to pet health and safety, award-winning Bow Wow Labs is best known for its Bow Wow Buddy. The Bow Wow Buddy safety device is easy-to-use, life-protecting, veterinarian-approved and dog-loved. Each Bow Wow Buddy tightly secures bully sticks and other long-term chews (a $1B segment of the pet product market), helping to prevent dogs from choking and to eliminate the potential risk for obstruction on the tail-end of the treat.

Michael London, Chief Executive Officer of Bow Wow Labs explains, “It’s truly important to me to allow passionate pet-parents, our retail customers, and hard working partners this opportunity for a stake in our future and our success. I can’t think of anything more powerful in today’s world than to have passionate brand ambassadors and partners as a bigger part of our future to help save more pet lives with our growing assortment of safety solutions and healthy, wellness products.”

Bow Wow Labs’ Chief Nutrition Officer and Vice President of Marketing and owner of Fetch RI, a Rhode Island-based indy pet retail store Johnna Devereaux adds, “Our mission at Bow Wow Labs is for all dogs to live their best lives, every day. We strive daily to produce safe and healthy products to dogs everywhere, and this campaign will help to further our unwavering commitment to pet health and safety. This campaign will help us build an even larger pet-passionate community of ambassadors, all with a vested interest in our continuing success and a vested interest in keeping pets safe and healthy.”

Bow Wow Labs had its first crowdfunding experience in 2018 with Kickstarter, where it earned a spot among the top 10 of 600 pet companies of the ten-year period ending with 2018. This successful campaign introduced the Bully Buddy (the predecessor of today’s Bow Wow Buddy) to thousands of loyal customers and served as an important validation of the concept. Bow Wow Labs’ current Wefunder campaign is different because it is an equity crowdfunding campaign, allowing individual people the opportunity to invest in the company.

To find out more about this crowdfunding campaign* and or invest in this opportunity, please visit For more information about the award-winning company and its growing line of product-innovations, please visit

About Bow Wow Labs

Bow Wow Labs, Inc. (BWL) is the maker of innovative products that help to keep dogs safe, healthy, and happy. BWL is best-known for the life-protecting Bow Wow Buddy along with its line of Safe Fit™ Bully Sticks, which have had great success since launching in 2018. Safe Fit Bully Sticks are made from fresh, 100% grass-fed cattle, free of chemicals and hormones. With a growing line of nutritious dog treats and chews, BWL has many more new products and innovation on the horizon! Learn more at




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