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Bow Wow Labs Launches New Crunch Puffs Dog Treats

Crunch Puffs are great for dogs of all sizes.




(PRESS RELEASE) Bow Wow Labs Inc. (BWL) announces the launch of a new dog treat to its fast-growing pet product line: Crunch Puffs. Offering a variety of innovative products that help to keep dogs healthy, happy and safe; BWL has created a wholesome treat that consists of safe ingredients, tastes delicious, and is extra satisfying for dogs who love to chow down on a crunchy snack.

Crunch Puffs are nutritious single-ingredient crunchy treats that last longer than most. They satisfy your dog’s instinctual need to chew within a few bites. Crunch Puffs support oral health by removing plaque build-up and provide high quality protein that is low in fat. Not only will dogs love the crunch of these new treats, but pet parents will, too.

Why you’ll love crunch puffs for your dogs:

  • Single-ingredient
  • High in protein, low in fat
  • Support oral health
  • Crafted in the USA

“Dogs seem to love crunchy treats, so we were determined to create a treat that resembles a dog biscuit texture, all while meeting high-quality standards,” says Michael London, CEO of BWL, “Chewing is a normal behavior for dogs and is essential for keeping their teeth cleaned and their minds mentally stimulated. There are many benefits of our new Crunch Puffs treats that we know both dog and owner will appreciate.”

Crunch Puffs are great for dogs of all sizes. Recommended feeding:

  • Dogs under 25 lbs, allow one Crunch Puff a day
  • Dogs 26 – 50 lbs, allow two Crunch Puffs a day
  • Dogs 51+ lbs, allow three Crunch Puffs a day

BWL is best known for the Bully Buddy, a safety device to prevent dogs from choking on Bully Sticks, along with its line of Safe Fit Bully Sticks, made from fresh, 100% grass-fed cattle that’s free of chemicals and hormones. It also offers nutritious Waggy Wafers dog treats that come in three delicious flavors: Organic Chicken, Turkey Pumpkin and Salmon. Learn more at .


For more information on Crunch Puffs, visit here .



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