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Brain Squad Survey Shows Nearly 40% Have Had a Pet Die in Their Care




 Yes 38%

  • A dog once escaped three doors: grooming area, grooming room and main store. It was a perfect storm. LoriLeigh Moreland, Pet Empawrium, Arvada, CO
  • Just awful to have to go through. I’m a certified feline master groomer and was in the middle of a lion cut. The cat was showing signs of distress and I stopped the groom. We called owners as I hurried to the vet. Unfortunately, he died in my lap during the drive. I had the veterinarian do a necropsy and results showed  congestive heart failure. The owners were unaware of their cat’s condition, but were appreciative of how we handled the situation. They even sent us the flowers because my team was so upset.  Rachel Diller, The Poodle Shop, Littleton, CO
  • An elderly Great Pyrenees went to sleep after his bath and never woke up. He was on a standing appointment and loved coming to be groomed. He died peacefully. Deb Rothman, Mountain Pet Grooming, Evergreen, CO
  • The dog was very old, and the owner wanted to get one last groom before they put her down. She passed peacefully on the grooming table. The groomer was upset and the customer appreciated that we tried. Biff Picone, Natural Pawz, Houston, TX
  • In the early ’90s we had an overweight elderly Great Dane die of old age during the night. The only instructions the owner would provide when leaving the dog were to call their vet and he would handle it. The vet basically told us that as long as the dog had passed it was not his problem. We had a 140-pound cadaver and no way to contact the owner. I had been a board member of the local shelter and they allowed us to put the cadaver in one of their freezers. The owner’s only comment upon returning home was “We were expecting it and are so glad it happened when we were on vacation.” Bill McQuade, The Whole Pet, Arkansas

No 62%

  • No deaths but, a few seizures and in one case I did have to do CPR — senior dogs with underlying conditions in all cases …while being groomed. Karen Conell, The Bark Market, Delavan, WI

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