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Brite Bite Partnered with Project Play Reaches Astounding Goal




(PRESS RELEASE) LOS ANGELES — Dedicated to the dental health of dogs, the new innovative, functional chew toy that allows dogs to brush their own teeth has sold 45,000 units in just four short months. For each toy sold, they also succeeded in helping Project Play donate one toy for every unit sold to shelters in need. With a 4.5-star customer review, the Brite Bite helps dogs take their oral health into their own paws for just five minutes a day.

“We wanted to create a product which allows dogs to take their favorite activity and make it beneficial to their health because regular brushing at home can be difficult. We’re so grateful that the product has taken off and that more dogs can have proper dental self-care,” said Petros Dertsakyan, Founder and CEO of Brite Bite.

Brite Bite is a chew toy that motivates dogs to brush their own teeth. It takes dogs’ favorite pastime and turns it into a healthy activity. Designed for all types of chewers, the Brite Bite offers 3 different sizes for different dog breeds. The flavored toy is made of durable natural rubber that can provide everyday brushing. For just five minutes a day, dogs can chew their way to healthier life.

“As pet parents, we figure out early that dogs don’t like for us humans to brush their teeth, but with this toy, dogs can brush their own teeth without any help from humans while also satisfying their natural urge to chew,” said Dertsakyan.

Shelter dogs waiting for their fur-ever homes can enjoy chew time while maintaining their health. Project Play of iHeartDogs helps provide shelters with durable toys for shelters in need. Each purchase provides a shelter with one donated toy through RescueBank.

“We’re dog lovers, so we are thrilled to be a part of Project Play and help provide shelter dogs with toys that are fun and can help them live longer and healthier,” said Dertsakyan.


The Brite Bite helps prevent periodontal disease (also known as gum disease) which is the most common illness diagnosed in adult dogs. Like human gum disease, when left untreated, gum disease can worsen and cause deeper health issues such as damage to the internal organs. 

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Pet Sustainability Coalition

Pet Sustainability Coalition Presents: Critical Sustainability Strategies for Retailers

This webinar, held on November 7, 2019, is the second in a series from PSC discussing how retailers can establish sustainable practices in their business. Moderated by PSC’s Andrea Czobor, the webinar unveils data behind the increasing consumer demand for sustainable products, what retailers have to gain from connecting with these purpose driven consumers, and a new PSC program that makes finding these products easier for retailers.

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