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With their unique “cheek-plus” construction, Natural Farm keeps prices in check with Power Bully Sticks

It’s no bull: Because of sourcing difficulties, the price of bully sticks has increased. As a single-source manufacturer of bully sticks and chews with its own food-grade production facility in Brazil, Natural Farm has created the Power Bully Stick. This odor-free, competitively priced bully stick is made from 100% grass-fed beef. Natural Farm keeps prices in check with the Power Bully’s unique construction which features a beef cheek muscle center wrapped in a natural beef pizzle sheath.

Dogs prefer the Power Bully Stick’s dual texture and long lasting chew.

Each Power Bully Stick looks and smells the same as a traditional bully stick, but dogs actually prefer its dual texture and long lasting chew. And pet product retailers and their customers will love the affordability and quality of Natural Farm’s Power Bully Sticks which offer the same positive outlet for a dog’s need to chew.

Natural Farm’s Power Bully Sticks are available in 6” and 12” lengths in 5-pack (6”) or 3-pack (12”) units. The company also offers a convenient counter-top display (not pictured).
No-Odor Power Bully Sticks, 5-count pack of 6” sticks.
MSRP: $19.99

Natural Farm is a single-source bully stick manufacturer and controls every step of production. Each ingredient that goes into Natural Farm’s hormone-free, chemical-free products comes from local suppliers of free-range, grass-fed cattle. The company’s product development team is dedicated to bringing useful and exciting new products to market. With environmentally sustainable packaging created from sugar cane and recycled paper, Natural Farm is doing its part to leave the world a better place. The company also donates to non-profit organizations that benefit the environment, animals and children.


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