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Pet Health Company Lands $250K Investment on ‘Shark Tank’

The firm offers at-home feline DNA testing.




(PRESS RELEASE) Basepaws, the first company to offer at-home feline DNA testing, announced that it received $250,000 in investment on ABC’s “Shark Tank” reality show.

Investors Robert Herjavec and Kevin O’Leary ultimately agreed to a joint investment, with each contributing $125,000 in exchange for a 5 percent ownership share each. The show aired Sunday, April 28.

Basepaws CatKits offer cat lovers a window into their cats’ origins and breed makeup. Even more important are the implications for cat health and the knowledge base of veterinary science. The reports are specifically designed to provide cat owners with a host of breed and genetic insights especially useful for mixed-breed cats.

“I’m not a cat guy, but I know a successful business when I see one,” O’Leary said. “There’s real intellectual property here — this company will be huge.”

Basepaws recently teamed up with feline internet celebrity Castradamus to raise awareness for HCM, one of the most common feline genetic disease. The 28-pound Maine Coon is the first cat in the Basepaws database to test positive for an HCM mutation. Armed with this type of genetic information, owners can make better choices to help their cats living longer, healthier lives.

As Basepaws expands the array of testing it offers and research continues, mainstream genetic testing will provide insight into a wide range of feline health issues and other mysteries.


“We’ve all seen the success of DNA tests for humans and dogs, but cat science is newer, and cats have always been somewhat of a mystery,” Skaya said. “We want to help cat owners get to know their cats better and provide the best possible care through genetic testing.”

For a limited time, Basepaws is offering 10 percent off CatKits with code SHARKS. More information and easy-to-use at-home kits are available at



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