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Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary Partners With Pet Food Experts, Earth Animal

The goal is to help senior citizens feed their pets.




CVH founder Jenny Hubbard and Pet Food Experts delivery driver Paul Porto CVH founder Jenny Hubbard and Pet Food Experts delivery driver Paul Porto

(PRESS RELEASE) For many senior citizens, times have never been more challenging. Due to the pandemic, older Americans are more isolated than ever, often having their beloved pets as their only source of companionship. With many living on fixed incomes or facing escalating medical bills, this demographic often has to choose between feeding themselves or feeding their animals, with most saying they would go hungry if it meant they could provide for their pets.

It’s a choice that no one should have to make and that’s why the Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary is teaming up with pet food distributer Pet Food Experts and retailer Earth Animal to help senior citizens feed their animals.

Earth Animal and Pet Food Experts have committed monthly shipments of pet food to the sanctuary’s Senior Paw Project, ensuring that thousands of pounds of pet food will go to those who need it most.

Pet Food Experts looks forward to the collaboration that will help so many in need. “When I learned about the efforts of the Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary I knew we had to help. Making a donation in support of their Senior Paw Project is an honor, and the least we can do to help out during this time of uncertainty for so many,” says Michael Baker, president and CEO of Pet Food Experts.

As growing lines for food support make the headlines, the needs of four-legged family members are often overlooked, compounding emotional and physical stress to owners and pets alike. To meet the growing demand left by the pandemic, the CVH Animal Sanctuary’s Senior Paw Project is putting compassion into action, already distributing 100,000 pet food meals to seniors in need and stocking local food pantries, housing authorities and social services with pet food.

Jennifer Hubbard, executive director of the sanctuary, is in awe of the impact their services have made. “We’re humbled our support is offering comfort during this time of uncertainty and will remain steadfast in providing assistance for as long as needed to keep our most vulnerable safe at home with their beloved pets. We couldn’t do it without the generous support of our friends at Pet Food Experts and Earth Animal.”


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