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Check Out 9 New Releases, Just in Time for SuperZoo

From cakes to dental care, take a look at these products.




Beauty in the Bakery

2018 America’s Coolest Stores winner BOW WOW BEAUTY SHOPPE has taken its bakery items wholesale. Leel Michelle’s beautiful cakes, pastries and dog candy all feature her signature drips and sprinkles, and come in equally eye-catching packaging.


Light Up Their Lives

The Combo Dome Lamp Fixture, a new addition to ZOO MED’s Creatures line, features an 80-watt capacity and two 3.5-inch domes. When paired with the Creatures LED Blacklight, it provides interesting illumination of pet scorpions. With the Nano Basking Spot Lamp, it appropriately heats desert and tropical species. Ideal for small geckos, hatchling reptiles, amphibians, tarantulas, insects and other invertebrates.

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An Alternative to Brushing

Created by microbiologist and immunologist Emily Stein, TEEF! prebiotic dental powder turns drinking water into a molecular toothbrush. The patented plant-derived formula, Protektin, uses nutrients that empower good bacteria while starving those that cause disease, preventing plaque buildup and strengthening and whitening teeth. From PRIMAL HEALTH, it works below the gum line and has no flavor, odor, gluten, chemicals or grain.


Here, Fishy Fishy

For tropical fish who prefer their food live, HIKARI introduces Vibra-Bites. The design of these flavorful pellets resembles bloodworms slowly and randomly gliding through water. Unlike live worms, though, the food provides a rich array of nutrients without risk of parasites or bacteria. Vibra-Bites are also packed with color-enhancing ingredients that help fish glow with vibrant, visually stunning hues. Available in 1.23-ounce, 2.57-ounce and 9.8-ounce pouches.


Safety First

EZYDOG has given its Dog Flotation Device a new look. Available in yellow and red, it also now comes in five sizes to keep a wider range of pups safe in the water. The life vest features the same trusted design, providing a secure and comfortable fit that allows for natural swim patterns. A grab handle helps pet parents easily help their dog in and out of the water. Waterproof reflective piping increases visibility at night.



For Adventure Kitties & More

YOUR CAT BACKPACK introduces The Jackson Galaxy Convertible Cat Backpack Carrier. Designed with the cat behaviorist, best-selling author and host of Animal Planet’s “My Cat From Hell,” it allows for easier travel with feline friends. Backpack mode lets adventure kitties sit back and enjoy the ride, popping their head out to enjoy the scenery. Carrier mode with the detachable shoulder strap works best for trips to the vet or groomer. Either way, it holds up to 25 pounds of cat.


Chill, Pets

Not only do Maxin’ Relaxin’ Rover and Calm Down Kitty contain hemp and L-tryptophan for emotional balance, they also support healthy digestion and immune function with a prebiotic and probiotic. The combination proves synergistic as pets under stress also may have weakened immune and digestive systems. Made by FIDOBIOTICS in the USA, the Pot Roast flavor comes in 90-mg, 150-mg and 300-mg phytocannabinoid-rich hemp per bottle, covering small to large dogs. Chicken Pot Pie flavor for cats comes in a 90-mg PCR hemp per bottle. Both formulas contain only human-grade, non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients. Each bottle contains approximately 30 servings.


Help for the Itchies

When dogs get an itch, they scratch and chew and bite. EARTHBATH No Chew Spray helps to deter such behaviors, which only create or worsen sores and hot spots. Made with natural ingredients developed and blended in the USA, the spray contains hydrolyzed pea protein, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, meadowfoam seed oil, botanical fragrance of apple and special bittering agents. It does not contain alcohol, parabens, synthetic dyes, sulfates or phthalates. Safe for use on dogs and puppies over six weeks of age. Available in an 8-ounce bottle.




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Reduce Your Pet’s Hip & Joint Discomfort with the Most Researched Hyaluronan on the Market

Nearly 60% of dogs and 90% of cats suffer from joint discomfort. Trixsyn joint supplement contains a patented and proven hyaluronic acid molecule for maximum efficacy to promote joint, bone, soft tissue, and cartilage health, keeping your pet feeling comfortable, for longer. Trixsyn is veterinarian recommended, safe and all-natural, and contains research-proven ingredients. Get your paws on the most-researched hyaluronic acid on the market. Learn more at

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