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Wild & Wooly

How cute will these new Wooliez plush toys from ZIPPYPAWS look in your store?! Covered in super soft, extremely fluffy faux fur, Billie the Bison, Larry the Llama, Enzo the Emu and Lettie the Lamb all feature a large blaster squeaker, making them the perfect napping AND play partner. Recommended for medium to large dogs. Available direct and through distribution., (909) 606-6094, [email protected]


Soothing Salve

ROVER’S WELLNESS adds Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Salve to its product lineup. Formulated for skin-related issues, including hot spots, dry patches and allergies, the salve works on contact to ease joint stiffness and inflammation. Its combination of shea butter, mango butter, shorea butter, jojoba oil and grapeseed oil create a thicker, less oily consistency that does not slide off pet skin. Each 60ml container includes 800mg of naturally occurring CBD, plus all of the beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids that work synergistically to create the “entourage effect” without the psychoactive THC. All ingredients are grown and packaged in the U.S., [email protected]


Matchy Matchy

Pefect for this time of year, the Winter Plaids collection from 2 HOUNDS DESIGN lets your flannel-loving customers match their pets. Available in buckle, side release and martingale collars in a variety of sizes, prints and widths., (704) 234-0228, [email protected]


Lick It Up

SODAPUP now has peanut butter you can offer alongside its wide range of enrichment products. Dogtastic Gourmet Dog Peanut Butter comes in PB Berries and Honey, PB and Honey, PB Apples and Honey, and PB Pumpkin and Honey. Packed with protein, healthy fats, antioxidants, manganese and Vitamin E, the addition of honey helps boost energy and can ease allergies and kennel cough. The U.S.-made product uses only U.S.-sourced ingredients and does not contain hydrogenated oil, stabilizers, palm oil, sugar, salt, high-fructose corn syrup or xylitol., [email protected]


Cards From Pets

The Counter Spinner Display Package from DOG & CAT CARDS costs $396 and includes a birchwood space-saving spinner with 144 assorted cards, plus header and mini signs that can be used in their holder or clipped perpendicular as cute aisle invaders. On white-linen cardstock, each card measures 4.25 by 5.5 inches folded and comes in a cello sleeve paired with kraft envelope., (626) 625-1175, [email protected]


Love That Color on You

For pups not ready to commit long-term to a new hue, WARREN LONDON offers Canine Color. The semi-permanent coat color shampoo applies in two to three minutes and rinses out. Safe and gentle, it’s made in the U.S. and only tested on humans. Does not contain parabens, sulfates or peroxides. Available in eight shades with catchy names: Fire Red, Pawsh Pink, Best in Show Blue, Lilac-ing My Paws, Peachy Clean, Gorgeous Head to Teal, Doggone Green and Lab-Ender. 8.5 ounces., (845) 634-1412, [email protected]


Ciao, Bello

ONLY AN OCEAN introduces Yupp! to the U.S. market. The pet cosmetic lines from Italian company Cosmetica Veneta are made with human-grade, eco-friendly and pet-safe ingredients. The collection includes shampoos, conditioners, keratin serums, masks, sun care, and spa products designed for all breeds and coat types. They are pH balanced, free of phthalate, paraben, SLS and SLES, and petrochemicals, and not tested on animals. Among the POS materials available is this countertop display of 25 long-lasting spray colognes for dogs and cats, costing $112.50, with a $225 value. The “Color Your Style” range includes five “Color” units of each scent as well as a tester bottle of each fragrance: Sweet Yellow, Fresh Blue, Flowery Violet, Citrus Orange and Fruity Green., (843) 380-4042, [email protected]


Fetch Fun

FLINGERZ PET launches two new lines that use the company’s patented throwing handle, which offers a hands-free way to pick up and throw its toys. The neoprene and ballistic nylon Splash Flingerz float in the water, making them the perfect throw toy for the beach, lake or pool. They come in four adorable aquatic shapes. The Funki Bug Flingerz come in four adorable bug shapes, and are made of high-quality plush and ballistic nylon. Both lines contain a squeaker for further enticement. The patented thermoplastic rubber insert on all Flingerz lines allows the toys to easily slide onto the throwing handle and fling through the air., direct via [email protected] or through Phillips Pet Food & Supplies


+Hydrolyzed Chicken Protein

PET FACTORY expands its CareChewz line with Collagen +Plus. Handcrafted from U.S.-raised steers, the protein-packed chews contain 100% collagen from beefhide and the bio-availability blend Digest-A-Boost — plus essential amino acids, a hydrolyzed chicken coating to help reduce allergic reactions and inflammatory bowel disease, and bioactive peptides, antioxidants and nutrient absorption to support natural metabolism. +Plus chews are certified more than 99% digestible by an independent lab. They contain no artificial fillers or preservatives. Available as a single item or in colorful floor display., [email protected]


Crunch Time

Earthborn Holistic EarthBars from MIDWESTERN PET FOODS come infused with savory bone broth and packed with turkey protein, barley, pumpkin, oatmeal and sweet potato, for a delicious, natural and nutritious crunch. Available in mini and medium biscuits in 10-ounce and 2-pound pouches. Ask about the company’s How2Recyle partnership, which allows packaging to be returned for recycling. Your eco-minded customers will appreciate the opportunity., (812) 867-4504


For the Littles

WARE updates and expands its popular Health-e Small Animal Chew Collection with Health-e Berry, Health-e Nutz, Paisley Chews, Fun Kone & Kup, Health-e Blossom and Health-e Variety Pack. The pack contains one each of Timothy Hay, Apple, Carrot, and Timothy Hay and Carrot, and comes six to a box. Perfect for tempting impulse buys at the checkout counter., (602) 257-8803


Pawse to Read

After two years of research and development, PAWSE debuts its line of products featuring USDA Organic-certified full-spectrum hemp extract. In addition to Daily Support Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil and freeze-dried Bark-Less Bites treats, the Kentucky company offers Hip & Joint Gravy featuring 600mg of the hemp extract. It’s designed to reduce discomfort associated with aging by helping to break the cycle of inflammation and allowing the additional supplements to lubricate and maintain healthy connective tissue and synovial fluid. Formulated with glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, hyaluronic acid, green-lipped mussel, yucca and boswellia serrata to ease wear and tear and premature aging of joints and connective tissue in pets of all ages. It has a natural bacon flavor and comes in an 8 fluid-ounce metered pump bottle. Hemp is sustainably farmed and manufactured in the U.S., (859) 440-2111, [email protected]


Go Wild

With its Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil + CBD, HONEST PAWS combines the benefits of both ingredients. This powerful oil helps to maintain healthy skin while also supporting the immune system. It can help soothe skin-related issues associated with seasonal allergies, as well. Made with U.S.-grown full-spectrum hemp and without GMOs, each bottle contains 310mg CBD. Ideal for both dogs and cats., (810) 610-0383, [email protected]


So Many Uses

The possibilities are endless with The Ripple Rug from SNUGGLYCAT INC. This pet enrichment system features a top rug with 14 expandable holes of varying sizes, with multiple touch-point Velcro fasteners that allow for a variety of configurations with the bottom rug. Cats — as well as ferrets, rabbits, rats and other small animals — can use it as a bed, safe place to hide, scratching spot and for play. The result: Pets will be more active and less bored, helping to prevent damange to furntiure. Made in the U.S. from 100% polyester fibers that come from recycled, post-consumer plastic bottles, it also scores sustainability points, with the company having recycled more than 5 million bottles to date. The bottom rug has a rubber/latex coating that keeps it from slipping and helps to insulate pets from cold floors. Machine washable and resistant to mold, mildew and stains. Top and bottom rug each measure 35 by 47 inches when unfolded. Available in Oatmeal White, Black, Beige and Mocha Chocolate., (212) 949-7449, [email protected]


Just for Puppies

PET BOTANICS Training Rewards now come in Puppy Bites, a version formulated specifically for puppies. The peanut butter aroma and flavor entices young pups, capturing their attention and keeping them focused on learning behaviors and cues. Soft and chewy, the treats are easy on small teeth and sensitive gums, and at just 1.5 calories each, won’t overload growing digestive systems, even when given repetitively during training. Each one includes DHA for cognitive development, along with high-fiber ingredients such as pumpkin to support easy digestion. Like the version for adult pups, they are made in the U.S. and offer natural flavor from the company’s proprietary BotaniFits blend of rosemary, cranberry, blueberry, tomato, chamomile, dandelion, green tea extract and peppermint. 4 ounces., (888) 323-5575


East Meets West

GOU GOU PETS believes in using ancient Chinese philosophies and holistic formulas in its products. The company’s new Holistic Infused Collection of shampoos for dogs, cats and horses blends herbs, essential oils and antioxidants. Among the eight formulas are the Anti-Inflammatory Shampoo, which contains aloe leaf juice, turmeric, lotus seed and other ingredients to soothe joints and ease soreness. All products are cruelty free, eco-friendly and formulated and made in the U.S., and do not contain artificial or synthetic materials or sulfates. 16 ounces., (913) 558-7218, [email protected]


Hold the Meat

Sammy Snacks by ANCESTRY PET FOODS now come in a 16-ounce bag, twice as big as the original 8-ounce bag. Available in Cheddar Cheese/Parmesan Cheese, Blueberry, Peanut Butter and Pumpkin, they offer a crunchy option for dogs with meat sensitivities, and are gluten free and baked in the U.S., (631) 692-0606, [email protected]


Be Well

WELLNESS introduces its Daily Health Supplements, a line of veterinarian-recommended nutritional-support chews for dogs. Calm, Move, Shine, Shield and Belly each target different health concerns and improve wellbeing. Move, for example, in Grilled Chicken flavor contains glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate and green-lipped mussel to keep joints healthy, added collagen to support connective tissues, omega fatty acids to deliver anti-inflammatory properties to help ease joint stiffness, and balanced calcium and phosphorus for bone health. 45 and 90 counts., (800) 225-0904, [email protected]


Better Gear

Makers of the eco-friendly BetterBone, BLUE STANDARD INC. has put its 25 years of sustainable manufacturing and ethical material sourcing into the new BetterCollar and BetterLeash collection. The high-quality, hand-made gear checks multiple sustainability boxes by using recycled materials sourced and certified through a partnership with Plastics For Change, ensuring an ethical, equitable and fair supply chain that collects and processes plastics bound for oceans. Available in 10 vibrant colors in a marine rope-inspired design with durable hardware., (239) 464-2995, [email protected]

$60 for set

For Dragons on the Go

The Original BEARDIE BAG lets bearded dragons travel in style, safey and comfort. Hand-crafted from washable, breathable canvas, it has an adjustable strap and wipeable lining, and even has screen sides that work as window seats for the pet. Measures 12 by 13 inches. Retailers can opt to add their logo to the bag with a minimum order of 24 and an additional charge., (631) 256-7166, [email protected]



DOG IS GOOD will introduce Zero-Plastic Pet Waste Bags by February. Made in the U.S. from a non-toxic source FDA-approved as safe in food, packaging and pharmaceuticals, they are fully biodegradable with no harmful residuals, compostable, and fully dissolvable in water. Each package contains eight rolls with 15 bags each., [email protected]


Breakfast Crunch

Bacon & Egg becomes the fifth treat in CHARLEE BEAR’s Original Crunch line. Baked to perfection for irresistible crunchiness and taste, they offer an alternative to soft training treats and run only 3 calories each. No soy, corn, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Made in the U.S. 16 ounces., (800) 880-2327, [email protected]


Safety FirstZ

EZYDOG’s Click Zero Shock car restraint helps cushion dogs during sudden stops and starts. It attaches to a harness and clicks into the seatbelt receiver, adjusting to keep dogs of all sizes comfortably in their seats., (208) 263-3181, [email protected]


Check Out These 23 New and Notable Pet Products for Your Store

Check Out These 23 New and Notable Pet Products for Your Store

Wild & Wooly

How cute will these new Wooliez plush toys from ZIPPYPAWS look in your store?! Covered in super soft, extremely fluffy faux fur, Billie the Bison, Larry the Llama, Enzo the Emu and Lettie the Lamb all feature a large blaster squeaker, making them the perfect napping AND play partner. Recommended for medium to large dogs. Available direct and through distribution., (909) 606-6094, [email protected]