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Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food Donates to Jacksonville Pet Shelter and Pet Foodbank

It’s part of the pet food company’s Fill A Bowl… Feed A Soul (“FABFAS”) program.




(PRESS RELEASE) COS COB, CT – Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food, a leading provider of super premium pet food for over 16 years, recently donated 11,455 pounds of their nutritious pet food to help feed animals in need in Jacksonville, Florida.

The donation is part of the pet food company’s Fill A Bowl… Feed A Soul (“FABFAS”) program, a national campaign targeting the donation of one million meals for shelter pets annually.

Over five tons of premium dog and cat food was donated to two Jacksonville, Florida-based organizations. The first organization to receive a donation was First Coast No More Homeless Pets, an organization that helps people and their pets with affordable veterinary care, low-cost or no-cost spay/neuter programs, and a pet foodbank. The second organization was Pet Rescue North, a no-kill animal shelter that cares for animals that others consider unadoptable, like seniors or handicapped animals.

“We are so grateful to Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food for their large donation of dog and cat food to help us continue to provide for the pets and families within our community,” says David Arias, chief development officer for First Coast No More Homeless Pets. “When families don’t have to make the hard decision of pet food over their own needs, then they can focus on what really matters: being together.”

“Due to this generous donation of premium pet food from Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food, we can do more vetting on our dogs and cats using the money we would have spent on food,” says Peggy Haynes, director of Pet Rescue North.

“The donation comes during this time when communities across the nation are being hit hard by the effects of COVID-19,” says Chris Mitchell, CEO of Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food. “Animal rescue organizations are a continued source of inspiration to us at Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food as they continue their dedication to the care and safe treatment of all animals during this trying time. We are proud to be able to lift some of the financial burden for these rescues as well as members of the communities they serve by providing this nutritional support.”




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