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ChickenGuard Launches World’s First Self-Locking Chicken Coop Door




(PRESS RELEASE) Not content with creating the World’s No.1 Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener, the boffins at ChickenGuard have outdone themselves with the invention of the World’s first Self-Locking Chicken Coop Door. Its unique design allows a self-locking mechanism to be incorporated which prevents predator claws lifting coop doors.

The new Self-Locking Coop Door Kit works seamlessly with the phenomenally successful ChickenGuard unit, and what’s great for distributors and customers alike is that the runners, metal door and ChickenGuard unit come in One box. It gives distributors the opportunity to add a Door Kit sale to every ChickenGuard purchase with a significant increase in profit margin. Current ChickenGuard owners haven’t been forgotten either, they can upgrade to the new Door Kit which can be bought separately. So it’s the best of both worlds.

And that’s not all, every consumer buying a combi saves 5% over buying individually.

ChickenGuard’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Nick Mecham explained: “Our new Self-Locking Door Kit is a game changer – the unique self-locking wings will keep foxes out. It adds an extra layer of safety to any coop”.

Huge Market Potential

There are 7 million in USA, 800,000 chicken owners in the UK and 10 million chicken owners in Europe, all wanting to protect their chickens as best they can from predators. It is a huge market with tremendous potential.


The ChickenGuard Automatic Coop Door Opener is already highly regarded. It has impressive yearly growth with sales now over 76,000 units, across 42 countries, making it the No.1 choice for automated chicken coop openers and coop doors globally.

ChickenGuard is made in Britain and receives excellent reviews and customer feedback. The self-locking door kit is the next piece in the puzzle and offers trade partners an additional profit opportunity.

ChickenGuard is looking to the future. “We are seeking potential retailers and distributors to “join the ChickenGuard Family” on our mission to protect chickens from predators” says Nick Mecham. “The new self-locking door is a great example of British ingenuity. Taking an authentic new product to market these days is as rare as hen’s teeth. In our own small way ChickenGuard are following in long line of Great British Inventions from Jethro Tull to Mr Dyson and Tim Berners Lee.” 

Innovative ideas from the eggheads at ChickenGuard to keep your girls safe: 

  • World’s First Self-Locking Coop Door Kit
  • Unique ‘self-locking wings’
  • Easy to fit
  • Tough, durable, recycled runners
  • Metal Door
  • Helps prevent predator’s claws from lifting coop doors
  • Works seamlessly with ChickenGuard
  • Made in Britain loved by the world.

ChickenGuard is back from its own world tour of trade shows in Las Vegas and Nuremberg 2018 where the new products have been enthusiastically received and the order books filling up. The ChickenGuard auto door opener unit is a truly global product and the Self-Locking Door Kit is set to follow.



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