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Choice Pet Products Expands Distribution and Partners with CanineActiv

CanineActiv is a holistic canine supplement that increases a dog’s mobility.




(PRESS RELEASE) NORTH PORT, FL – Choice Pet Products, distributor of pet brands and products to independent pet retailers in Florida, announces its newest partnership with CanineActiv.

CanineActiv is a holistic canine supplement that increases a dog’s mobility safely and effectively. It is the only safe, non-pharmaceutical supplement that naturally decreases inflammation. The main ingredient is Alpha-GEE, a unique amino acid-based peptide that has been clinically proven to be both safe (non-toxic) and effective for activity-induced pain and inflammation. CanineActiv is recommended by veterinarians and is perfect for dogs who may experience joint pain from strenuous activity or aging.

“We are excited about the addition of CanineActiv,” says Bob Sledzinski, vice president of independent retail sales and operations. “CanineActiv is an amino acid-based product to help reduce activity induced pain and inflammation safely and effectively without medications. CanineActiv will be a great addition to Choice Pet Products current product line up and stays within our goals of offering superior natural and holistic products and alternatives to our retail partners.”

CanineActiv works as fast as prescription medications, improving mobility and comfort within one to seven days, without the toxic side-effects of drugs. It does not interact with any other supplements and can be used daily over long periods of time. The supplement is a safe alternative to NSAIDs to promote a dog’s natural recovery process.

Mark Faulkner, president of Vireo Systems shares, “We are very pleased to partner with Choice Pet Products in bringing CanineActiv to more pet owners. Because we know our product truly provides safe and effective improved mobility, Choice Pet Products is a wonderful and trusted source for our partnership within the pet community.”

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