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City Considers Requiring 4-Year Warranty for Pet-Store Dogs, Cats




It would cover ‘hereditary and congenital’ problems.

Pets stores in Naperville, IL, would have to offer a four-year warranty on cats and dogs they sell under an ordinance being discussed by the city council, the Daily Herald reports.

Three members are asking the council to consider the measure, which would update the city’s animal control ordinance. 

Addition of the “hereditary and congenital” warranty requirement is an attempt by the council members to establish common ground between two opposing groups, said Councilman John Krummen. On one side are pet shop owners and on the other are advocates who only want the businesses to offer rescue animals.

But one local advocate, Sherri Oslick, said the proposed measure isn’t adequate, the Daily Herald reports.


The goal is “to get puppy-mill dogs out of our community,” she said.

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