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City to Allow Pets in Nearly All Businesses That Want Them




Business owners in Geneva, IL, who want to open their doors to pets will be able to do so under a measure passed this week by the city council.

Until now, pets have only been allowed at grooming salons and vet offices, the Daily Herald reports. When the updated law takes effect in a month, most businesses will be able to allow pets by simply posting a sign at their entrance.

Based on state law, pets still won’t be allowed in restaurants.

The measure passed by an 8-2 vote. Even the aldermen who voted “no” actually support allowing pets in businesses, according to the Herald.

Aldermen Jeanne McGowan, who cast one of the “no” votes, said it would be best to “let our code reflect that Geneva is already a pet-friendly town.” Any business owner who doesn’t want pets on the premises could “simply post a sign saying ‘no pets allowed,'” McGowan said, according to the Herald.


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