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Clawguard(R) Debuts New Furniture Shields




(press release) CHARLOTTE, NC – It began with a badly scratched-up door and consecutive years of lost apartment deposits. Foster, the dog, was costing his family hundreds of dollars in door repairs, replacement and labor costs. Although Foster’s love/hate relationship was primarily with doors, there was no love lost when it came to damaging walls, window sills, furniture and carpets.

CLAWGUARD founder, Kevin Dixon, perfected the art of the Door Shield and is now expanding the CLAWGUARD line to help cat and dog parents protect other areas of the home!

CLAWGUARD Furniture Shield, made its debut at Global Pet Expo 2018 and is available for purchase. It’s ideal for homes with cats and protects furniture from cat claws while keeping your furniture protected and looking good.

“Cats gotta scratch!” It’s instinctual behavior. CLAWGUARD Furniture Shield was invented to let cats “do what they gotta do” while keeping furniture protected. CLAWGUARD Furniture Shield can be easily affixed to any piece of furniture to protect it from cat claws. 


The Furniture Shield is made of durable Marine Grade vinyl and is perfect for sofas, armchairs, couches, loveseats, ottomans, baskets and more! It’s easy to install, reposition and remove as needed. Clear-head nickel-plated steel upholstery twist pins are included for ease of use.  Two (2) shields come in each pack with your choice of four sizes; small, medium, large and extra-large. 

CLAWGUARD focuses on simple solutions to common problems. Since its humble beginnings as a “piece of cardboard and duct tape door shield” to a growing portfolio of scratch protection products, dog and cat owners are finding CLAWGUARD to be the ideal solution to a destructive and anxious pet.  Rated as an “Amazon Choice” product, CLAWGUARD has received more than 500 positive reviews from users.

Current products include the Original Door Shield, the Heavy Duty Door Shield for persistent scratchers and CLAWGUARD Protective Tape that shields windowsills, leather furniture, glass and other commonly targeted areas of scratching. Now available is the CLAWGUARD Furniture Shield for Cats. 

This innovative product is for cat owners searching for a solution to furniture damage.  CLAWGUARD innovative products are for any pet owner (dog or cat) looking for a solution to pet damage caused by scratching and clawing. Read more about Kevin, Foster and Clawguard here.





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