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Coastal Pet Introduces Behavior Coach

A new training tool promoting positive reinforcement.




(PRESS RELEASE) ALLIANCE, OH — Shipping January 2021, Coastal Pet Products is launching Behavior Coach, an instinct based training device, within its Solutions portfolio, furthering its position as a one-stop-shop for quality training tools.

Behavior Coach is a quick, effective, and humane training tool that puts a stop to unwanted pet behaviors like jumping, barking, digging, and chewing. With Behavior Coach, pet owners can spend less time correcting and more time praising the positive behaviors of the MVP (Most Valuable Pet.)

The way it works is simple. When the dog is caught misbehaving, the owner quickly presses the activator to create a short burst of air which creates a sharp hissing sound, similar to that of the warnings given by other animals in the wild to ward of predators. Reacting instinctively, the dog’s attention is drawn, and the unwanted behavior is interrupted. As soon as the unwanted behavior stops, a verbal cue or command should be given, like down or sit, and the owner can then quickly reward the dog with praise or a treat.

Behavior Coach is not recommended for use with puppies, anxious dogs, or to eliminate anxiety-driven behaviors. For safety, it should never be pointed directly at a dog face or any part of its body.

Behavior Coach is Covered by The Coastal Pet Satisfaction Guarantee

Behavior Coach is shipping now. It is available in 1.5oz cans. Vendors who order 12 cans (inner case pack), will receive the PDQ counter display for free. The dealer price is $5.55 per can and the individual MSRP is $9.99.




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