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Coastal Pet Products is Well-Positioned to Serve “Fashion” in Growing Market for Kittens

More than 40.6% of pet owners see their pets as family.




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(PRESS RELEASE) ALLIANCE, OH — As pet ownership continues to grow in popularity, so does the trend of treating pets like family members. A key driver of this trend are Millennial (1982-1996) and older Zoomer (1997-2004) pet owners, who are growing in market share ever year. More than 40.6% of pet owners see their pets as family and look to spoil them in the same way parents enjoy splurging on contemporary products for their kids. This growing trend is changing the way consumers think about their furry friends and how they include them in their lives.

“From the moment these newer cat owners bring a kitten into their home, they want to be able to show off their cute new family members,” said Kim Stout, president of Coastal Pet Products. “Our trifecta of fun, breakaway buckle, Instagram-ready patterns are the perfect accessory for these already adorable kittens.”

Designed specifically for small kittens, these cute collars feature elastic material like our Elasticized Safety Kitten best seller that will continue to provide a comfortable fit as kittens grow. The durable material withstands scratching and biting during rough play. A silver bell helps owners find their new kittens when they manage to get into the smallest hiding spots.

About Coastal Pet

Coastal has over fifty years of product innovation and category management, holding more than 30 patents. Coastal’s product development is driven, not only by our market expertise, but thousands of pet loving consumers. All of this enables us to back our products with our Quality Guarantee. MSRP is $5.49 and patterns include brightly-colored hearts, stars, and triangles.




NASC Media Spotlight

At first it was just an idea: Animal supplements needed the same quality control that human-grade supplements receive. But that was enough to start a movement and an organization —the National Animal Supplement Council — that would be dedicated to establishing a comprehensive path forward for the animal supplements industry. In this Media Spotlight interview, NASC’s president, Bill Bookout, talks to PETS+ interviewer Chloe DiVita about the industry today: Where it’s headed, what’s the latest focus and why it’s vital to gain the involvement of independent pet product retailers.

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