At PETS+, we love readers participating in the content of the magazine. In our upcoming March/April issue, we give you two ways to make your voice heard, opinion count and expertise broadcast: 1. Through our Brain Squad survey, and; 2. Through your response to Real Deal, a scenario that thrusts a fictional pet business owner into a real-life bind: What would you do?

Real Deal responses are welcome from anyone in the pet industry. Click here for the latest scenario and to share your take on the situation. Like the concept? Pass on the link to your peers, employees and friends. Your response may be published in our next issue.

The PETS+ Brain Squad is made up of only owners and top managers of retail pet businesses. Click here to take the latest three-minute survey. If you like the idea of regularly voicing your ideas and opinions and seeing them in the pages of PETS+, sign up to be a member of the Brain Squad here. Once you complete your first survey as a registered member, we’ll send you a free Brain Squad T-shirt! Members of the Brain Squad will have access to all the survey responses and have access to information and data that won’t fit in the magazine. Be a part of a bigger community today: Take our survey, and sign up for future surveys today!

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