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Company of Animals to Release Harness, Lead at Global

It’s designed to provide the best possible result for pet parents whose dogs are prone to pulling on the leash.




(PRESS RELEASE) The Company of Animals will release the Halti No Pull Harness and new Double Ended Lead at Glopbal Pet Expo.

The Halti No-Pull Harness is designed to provide the best possible result for pet parents whose dogs are prone to pulling on the leash. The unique design of the harness includes a stop-pull lifting feature connected at the back and, in cases of stronger pulling dogs, an optional front chest attachment that provides even more control and stability when used with a dual-clip leash (like the Halti Training Lead or Double Ended Lead mentioned above).

The No Pull Harness represents another unique innovation within the Company of Animals’ Halti range that provides only pet-friendly, non-pull training solutions and serves as yet another humane alternative to potentially harmful choke chains and prong collars.

In a recent consumer testing panel of pet parents who used the No Pull Harness, 97 percent saw “immediate results” and would “recommend the Harness to a friend.” Keeping dogs comfortable and secure in the No Pull Harness was also an important focus during the design process with which led to the addition of plush, under-arm and chest panel padding. The Harness was designed with durable, yet lightweight material and 97 percent of respondents reported that the No Pull Harness was, “comfortable for their dog” with 96 percent agreeing the Harness was “a high-quality product” ensuring a positive training and walking experience for dogs and pet parents alike.

“In sales, we receive invaluable feedback from retailers and distributors about our current products and future products they want to see. I’m really proud to release the Halti No Pull Harness to our customers because it has so many of the features they’ve been asking for in a training harness. Plus, the beauty of the No Pull, is that it performs even better when paired with the Halti Training Lead. It’s an amazing addition to our Halti range and I’m excited be able to deliver such a competitive product to the market under Company of Animals.” said Cody Rossi, vice president of sales, Americas.

Like the wider Halti range, the Halti Double Ended Lead features the design, quality, and style customers have come to love and trust from the Company of Animals’ Halti range.


“We are very excited to be launching the new Halti Double Ended Lead” said Liz McGuinness, brand manager for Company of Animals. “We have worked very hard to offer our customers one of, if not the most, versatile and adaptable leads on the market.”

The Halti Double Ended Lead is engineered with new reinforced trigger clips for extra strength and security and can be adjusted to three different lengths for added control and flexibility and is available in four colors- one to match each of the other accessories in the range. The Double Ended Lead is designed with two-tone webbing and reflective stitching for improved visibility in low-light settings and includes the ability to walk two dogs from one lead, hands-free walking, and improved no pull walking control. Together, these features offer overall improved visibility, comfort, control and handling during every outing with your dog.

To see the new Halti No Pull Harness and Double Ended Lead and to learn more, the Company of Animals will be exhibiting at the upcoming Global Pet Expo in Orlando this March. Retailers and Distributors are encouraged to visit the Company of Animals’ booth #4777 and to stop by the New Product Showcase where the No Pull Harness will be displayed.



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