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CrittEar Unveils Calm, Dog Earplugs

It’s the first patented in-ear hearing protection device for dogs.




CrittEar Calm Symmetrical

(PRESS RELEASE) SEATTLE — CrittEar officially unveiled Calm—the first patented in-ear dog earplugs that provide hearing protection for dogs—featuring revolutionary sound quieting technology, matched with an ergonomically-perfected design to provide dogs sleek, custom-fit hearing protection. Calm dog earplugs are made in the USA and come in sizes to fit every dog and are made with medical-grade/use-approved, specially-formulated memory foam that uniquely and perfectly contours to every dog’s ear canal. Calm allows dog owners to protect their dog’s sensitive hearing while they also provide a sense of ‘calm’ and comfort during anxiety-provoking situations. Dogs will benefit by using this unique product during:

  • Dealing with noise anxiety
  • Dog grooming
  • Veterinary visits
  • Travel
  • Hunting
  • Fireworks
  • Thunderstorms
  • Lawn and farming activities
  • ATV rides with family

Calm also provides unique assistance for working dogs, therapy dogs, and other dogs who are often in loud environments.

“Combining my extensive experience in audiology with collaborative input from veterinarians has brought Calm to fruition – and more importantly, provide a much-needed resource to help protect dog’s hearing,” said Susan Hansen, CrittEar’s CEO. “While humans can detect sounds between 20Hz and 20,000Hz, dogs can hear sounds four times farther than we can, and they can also detect sounds in the frequency range of 40 Hertz (Hz) to 60,000Hz. This is why all dogs need Calm in-ear earplugs.”

“With Calm our dog Mookie, who has noise-triggered fear aggression, can tolerate having contractor personnel in our house during our renovation project. We just trained him with treats while we inserted the earplugs, and once in, Mookie instantly calms down and his aggression is greatly relaxed,” said Joe Johns, a satisfied CrittEar client.

CrittEar is expanding its lead in the industry by developing in-ear dog hearing tools/aids for hunting dogs, working dogs, and K-9’s. They are positioned to sell products for these specific dogs in 2021.

Pricing & Availability


CrittEar Calm comes in five distinct sizes based on a dog’s size—small: 12 to 24 lb., medium: 24 to 60 lb. and large: 60 to 90 lb.; with extra small (2 to 12 lb.,) and extra-large (90 to 120 lb.,) available the second quarter of 2021. Calm products retail for $35 and wholesale pricing is available for veterinarians, groomers, and retail outlets.

* CrittEar products are only available in the US.



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