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Danielle Wilson puts a unique spin on the grooming salon and boutique concept, infusing her personal style and love for each pet into a successful business.




Bath & Biscuits, Granville, OH

OWNER: Danielle Wilson | FOUNDED: 2009 | LOCATIONS: 1 | AREA: 5,505 square feet indoors, 45,000 square feet outdoors | EMPLOYEES: 14 full-time, 1 part-time | WEBSITE: | FACEBOOK: | bathandbiscuits | INSTAGRAM: bathnbiscuits | TOP BRANDS: Lucky Dog Biscuits, Mad About Organics, Bailey’s CBD, Puddle Jumper Pups, Blueberry Pet and Fluff & Tuff

Danielle Wilson

Danielle Wilson

NO ONE IN our village knew what a DIY dog wash was, but boy did it take off,” groomer Danielle Wilson says about opening Bath & Biscuits in 2009. The business started in a small century-old building in Granville, OH, offering full-service grooming and two self-wash tubs that her husband, Sheriff Deputy K9 Handler Shawn Wilson, constructed from horse troughs. A boutique area sold private-label pet food, bakery items, chews and supplements.

Bath & Biscuits moved to a much bigger space — 5,505 square feet indoors and 45,000 square feet outdoors — down the road in 2020. Wilson also now offers day care, boarding and training, in addition to a wider range of premium pet products. Strong branding along with the distinctive look and feel of the business, born from her love of vintage and steampunk aesthetics, have led to continued growth year over year.


“Our brand reflects our commitment to providing unique and high-quality services to our customers,” Wilson says. She purposefully chose every element, from the color scheme to the main logo and sub-logos, to convey style and sophistication in a welcoming way. “We want our customers to feel at home when they visit us, and I believe that our brand helps to achieve that.”

The Bath & Biscuits logo itself (seen above on Wilson’s T-shirt) has significantly transformed over the years. Once a cartoon dog sitting in a bubble bath, Dox Design created a refined text-based logo to connect with the upscale community of Granville. Wilson hired a professional photographer to highlight the retail offerings and services, capturing them with beautiful images now found throughout her feature-rich website and social media.

The boutique’s bold interior reflects Wilson’s vision best. “My love for vintage and steampunk, as well as rich, deep colors of creams, browns, sepia, dark green and antique gold inspired the new look,” she says.

Gold-framed pet portraits and handmade wooden cabinets showcasing products greet customers upon entering. A white-brick fireplace stands out against a black wall, its mantel holding vintage decor interspersed among products such as private-label candles. Artificial plants and flowers in her favorite colors sit throughout the space. A glass door and hallway lead to the full-service grooming area, while the day care has its own entrance. “It’s not your typical pet salon,” Wilson says.

Unexpected pieces are found throughout the exterior and interior of Bath & Biscuits.


Grooming and self-wash reign as the top-selling services offered at Bath & Biscuits (45% of revenue), followed by dog day care (20%), retail (20%) and dog boarding/training (15%). About her grooming philosophy, Wilson says, “I typically don’t follow breed-specific grooming styles. While I can, my passion lies in crafting unique and creative styles that highlight the genuine character of the dogs.”

The DIY option remains unique. “We have the only self-serve dog wash that includes a free nail trim, along with a blueberry facial and ear cleaning,” she says. “Dog owners love that we take the time to include these services with the self-serve. Even though other area places have opened DIY dog washes, ours contributes a solid 5 to 8% toward our bottom line each year.”

When it comes to day care and boarding, Bath & Biscuits offers its own spin, too. Enrichment Day Care includes off-leash play sessions with other dogs and fun activities selected for each pup, including visits to the Sensory Garden (see 5 Cool Things below). Dogs who spend the night stay in one of five deluxe kennels and get meals, enrichment activities and play sessions, along with a story and snack at bedtime. Puppy Play Date sessions, for pups 8 to 24 weeks of age, happen on Saturdays and set them up for a successful transition into day care.

Wilson says these special touches and treating each pet like an individual create customer loyalty. “A long-time customer once told me that the reason she brings her dogs to Bath & Biscuits is because we ‘take the time to care.’ It’s a statement that has stuck with me over the years, and I truly believe it’s what sets us apart. We take the time to get to know each and every animal in our care, to understand their unique personalities and needs. We strive to create a warm, welcoming environment where pets feel safe, happy and loved.”

Grooming makes up 45% of Bath & Biscuit’s overall revenue.


Bath & Biscuits has 15 staff members: multiple bathers, groomers and day-care attendants, plus a trainer and a manager. Wilson says that like the brand, they have evolved over the years. “We encourage our employees to grow with us and have sent two bathers to grooming school. One has been grooming professionally with us for over six months now and is doing fantastic!” Another bather currently enrolled will be grooming dogs by next summer.

Training programs such as Groom Haus, Paragon and Dog Handlers Academy contribute to employee success. Wilson says she has confidence in her staff’s capabilities, and they know it. “Empowering leadership in a business is crucial. By empowering them, they are given the opportunity to take ownership of their role and feel a sense of pride in their work.”


Brand colors and signage appear throughout the business.


Wilson shares that it’s hard to believe Bath & Biscuits has grown from the small grooming salon with two horse-trough DIY dog baths to the amazing pet care destination it is today.

“Running a small business has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life,” she says. “It’s not just about selling pet products or providing services, but about creating a welcoming environment where people feel comfortable and happy to bring their beloved pets. Every day I walk into my shop, and I feel an immense sense of pride. It’s amazing to think that I created this beautiful place!”

In the future, she hopes to construct and own her next building to make more room for day care, offering even more enrichment activities and exclusive services.

Wilson’s love of steampunk greets clients via this adorned dog statue.

Five More Cool Things About Bath & Biscuits

1. Educating Customers: Wilson worked as a Registered Veterinary Technician before becoming a groomer. This has informed the way she interacts with clients. “I know that some people may see me as ‘just a groomer.’ That’s why I make an effort to educate our clients on the importance of grooming and the impact it can have on their pet’s health and well-being. I also strive to go above and beyond in my interactions with clients. I make sure to listen to their concerns and offer advice on any issues we may notice. By building a strong rapport with our clients, we hope to be seen as a valued member of their pet’s healthcare team, rather than just a service provider.”

2. Educating Pets: Head trainer Kristen VanNess, KPA-CTP, holds group classes in the indoor day-care area on Saturday afternoons. Dogs can take part in training during day care as well as overnight boarding, the latter with a two-week board-and-train package. New this year, the Puppy Raising Program: Puppies attend day care twice a week and get 30-minute incremental training. VanNess holds a parent-teacher conference weekly to discuss the puppy’s progress. All program graduates have become day-care clients. “It’s kind of neat,” Wilson says, “we grow our own day-care dogs.”

3. Stop & Smell: A sensory garden enclosed by a wooden privacy fence sits between the outdoor turf yards. Different types of fragrant plants, including herbs and flowers, and different textures, such as soft grass, rough rocks and smooth stones, fill the garden, which also has a wind chime. Dogs can smell, feel and dig — there’s a sand pit with hidden toys. Wilson says, “It’s not just a fun space for dogs to explore and play in, but it can also have therapeutic benefits for them and our staff.

4. Nail Trim Club: Members can bring in dogs (or cats, bunnies, Guinea pigs, parrots, etc.) for a walk-in nail trim for $20. They get a free nail trim if they bring the pet back within 30 days, or if someone has two dogs, it’s basically buy-one get-one free the same day. Wilson is a big advocate for keeping a dog’s nails trimmed to prevent health issues caused by overgrowth.

5. Creating Community: In the private Facebook group “Parents of B&B’s Dog Day Care,” staff post action shots and videos so pup parents also can experience the fun. Offline, the team takes part in a variety of Granville events, including the July 4th celebration. Wilson donates gift cards for the “Most Patriotic Pet Contest,” and they ride in the parade. “We throw poop bags filled with Tootsie Rolls to the kids along the route. It’s hilarious to see their faces when they catch the bags, and the parents and villagers love it. We like to foster a strong bond between our business and the pet-loving community we serve.”

  • Molly Lewis, Dog River Pet Supplies: The company logo is beautiful, personal and artistically minded. You really get a sense of who Danielle is as a person and as a business owner from her branding and aesthetic sensibility. The bold colors and whimsical design of the shop are inviting, and I bet the dogs feel very safe, like walking in the front door of a cozy home. This seems like a business I would love to visit. I hope I can get out there some day to meet Danielle and see her welcoming space.
  • Shelly Armstrong, World Pet Association and SUPERZOO: I love the thought and design that went into the doggie day-care yard. I think the sensory garden for the dogs to explore is brilliant.
  • Georganne Bender, KIZER & BENDER Speaking!: The interior of this store is warm and inviting, a place I would tend to linger. The signage is fun, and the store features a good use of props. The website looks good and is definitely interactive. The use of social media is strong — the Facebook Group is an especially good way to connect with customers!
  • Todd Dittman, IndiePet: The Sensory Garden is a creative use of space and seems effective in enhancing the customer experience.
  • Mike Bioni, Grandma Mae’s Country Naturals and NexPet: You provide unique options/services not commonly found in similar businesses. It appears you have a strong understanding of the importance of customer service and building strong relationships.



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