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Dazzling Paws Jewelry Donates $1,050 to Local Charities and Nonprofit Animal Organizations




(PRESS RELEASE) PLOVER, WI — Dazzling Paws Jewelry LLC issued yearend checks totaling $1,050 to four charities as a part of its commitment to supporting animal and people organizations. Throughout the year, 20% of sales from items purchased from this hyperlink Charity Jewelry line is donated back to different nonprofits. 

Dazzling Paws Jewelry selected four nonprofit organizations to receive donations from purchases made in 2017. A $250 check was issued to the Plover Police Department in Plover, Wisconsin to help with medical expenses for K-9 Officer Bill. The Susan G. Komen for the Cure in Madison, Wisconsin received a check for $50 towards breast cancer research. A $360 check was issued to the University of Wisconsin, School of Veterinary Medicine in Madison, Wisconsin to help fund canine cancer research. The Texas Border Collie Rescue in La Porte, Texas also received a check for $390 to help with medical expenses for the care of foster dogs. 

The Charity Jewelry line continues to evolve to help nonprofit animal organizations across the country. Since the inception of the line, Dazzling Paws Jewelry has donated more than $6,550 to animals in need.

“It’s a tremendous feeling to watch the Charity Jewelry line flourish,” says Myra Westphal, Dazzling Paws Jewelry founder and president. “The continuous growth allows us to expand our giving ability which affects animals and people in the community and across the U.S.”

To help support charities like these, purchases can be made by visiting  this hyperlink  under the Charity Jewelry tab. 




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