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Dirty Dog Introduces White-Label Anti-Bacterial Paw Spray




(Press Release) NEW YORK — Dirty Dog introduce a new white-label pet product: The Dirty Dog Anti-Bacterial Paw Spray. There’s no denying that the pet industry is a booming business. Pet owners today go above and beyond to meet their dog’s every need from head to paw! With this said, the Dirty Dog Anti-Bacterial Paw Spray makes the ideal white label product to add to any pet business.

In 1994, the APPA says Americans spent $17 billion on their pets. By 2016, spending nearly quadrupled to an estimated $62.75 billion, and it doesn’t look to be slowing down. In fact, by 2020, the pet industry could hit $96 billion in sales. The bottom line is, pet owners are spending more money than ever on pet-related goods and services.

In addition to ensuring that a dog gets the best foods available, the right amounts of physical and mental stimulation, and regular vet visitations, taking proper care of their paws should be something every dog owner practices. Each season poses potential hazards for vulnerable paw pads, and the outdoor elements can damage them in various ways.

In the summer months, paws can easily burn and blister when walking on hot surfaces. During the winter season, rock salt and other ice melting chemicals can cause sores, infection and blistering. While hiking in the fall or spring, precious paws propel dogs along dirt trails, over pavement and up hills. It’s important to remember that paws aren’t as indestructible as our four-legged friends make them seem.
When exposed to hot surfaces in summer, and warm dry air in the wintertime, a dog’s paws will commonly dry out, becoming rough and sandpapery. While it’s important not to fully soften the paw pad, some moisturizing will help to prevent cracks and bleeding. The Dirty Dog Anti-Bacterial Paw Spray is an all-natural, safe and effective solution. This innovative spray has been vet tested and approved, with clinical trails showing significant success in killing germs, bacteria and microbes.

After trekking outdoors over filthy surfaces, pet parents can take comfort in disinfecting their dog’s paws with this beneficial paw spray before they begin to tread all over the house, couches, bed cushions and pillows. In 2014, North Carolina University published research asserting that homes with dogs have a greater number of bacteria and greater variety of bacteria than households without dogs.


Believe it or not, paws can carry all sorts of germs, including e Coli and MRSA, so it’s crucial pet owners stay mindful of this and take the necessary steps to keep those feet clean. The Dirty Dog Anti-Bacterial Paw Spray eliminates dirt, germs and odors quickly and effectively, all while giving Fido the moisturizing he or she needs and deserves.

The Dirty Dog Anti-Bacterial Paw Spray is this year’s go-to white labeling pet product. It’s a product consumers buy each month, so it is an ongoing revenue stream. A few of the perks include: Immediate revenue stream, instant product line (branded for your business), ships within two weeks of ordering, and company will receive complete turnkey product (all that is needed is a logo)! This product is sold in units (500, 1,000 or 2,500). For more information and pricing, please visit:

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