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Manager's To Do

Disaster Prep, Shop Your Website and More Tasks for Your Pet Business in June and July

Put items from this issue’s Manager’s To-Do list on your calendar and start checking them off!





May 29-Jun. 4

PLANNING May 30 is Memorial Day! The unofficial start to summer is the perfect time for some blue sky thinking about a fun event or marketing campaign you could do in the second half of the year. As you work the grill today, remember the old marketing mantra: Sell the sizzle, not the steak.

PREPAREDNESS Atlantic hurricane season officially begins on Jun. 1 and ends on Nov. 30. If recent years have taught us anything, it’s that a generator is a wise investment, especially if you have a heavy focus on raw and fresh pet food products.

Jun. 5-11

STAFF Set a summer work schedule. If you’re busiest during the fall and winter, make now the time your staff can take their break.

IN-STORE Check your air-conditioning so that people and pets coming in from outside are comfortable, not just the people working inside. Keep a cooling mat or two in the fridge, and on sale, for panting pups seeking refuge in your business.


Jun. 12-18

MARKETING Use the summer months to build up your video gallery. Post clips showing how to brush a dog’s coat, clean food bowls, address seasonal health issues, and other educational content.

INVENTORY It’s been three months since Global Pet Expo. Scrutinize sales data of products brought in from the show to see if they were successful or not.

Jun. 19-25

MARKETING Do something to shake up your routine. One option: a different social media platform. If you spend the bulk of your screen time on Facebook, devote yourself to getting more familiar with TikTok or Pinterest. Post, respond, join a conversation.

OPERATIONS Thinking of a remodel or a move? Or just need some advice on how to stay competitive? Give your local U.S. Small Business Administration center
( a call. There are approximately 1,000 service centers that provide no-cost consulting and low-cost training.

Jun. 26-Jul. 2

FINANCES This has been a volatile year for the economy. Next week will mark the midpoint. How are your sales forecasts and other projections looking? Are you on budget for expenditures? Review every item in your budget to see where changes are needed.


Jul. 3-9

EVENTS In a lifestyle center, strip mall or downtown location? Take the lead in organizing a community block party this summer. Loads of fun for people and their pets — and a great crowd generator.

Jul. 10-16

ONLINE Test your online channel. Purchase an item on the website to see how smooth and easy it is or isn’t for the customer.

Jul. 17-23

MARKETING Hire a pro (or ask a talented amateur) to take photos of your business and team while everyone is sun-kissed and glowing. These are valuable marketing tools you can use in a variety of situations: when meeting new vendors at trade shows, dealing with local press, or even submitting your store in next year’s PETS+ America’s Coolest contest. Don’t forget the store pets!

Jul. 24-30

SELF-IMPROVEMENT What’s the best month to try to change your life? It’s just ahead of us, in August. Unlike the stressful New Year period, in August the kids are back at school, people have returned from vacation and it’s easy to establish a routine that supports your new goals.



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