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Disposable, Biodegradable Bowls Available to U.S. Retailers

They are made with bamboo fiber available for hotels and retailers to offer the growing number of pet owners.




(PRESS RELEASE) On-the-go lifestyles and traveling pets means a need for more convenient disposable products for pet owners. Introducing First FWD, LLC’s disposable and biodegradable colorful pet feeding bowls made with bamboo fiber available for hotels and retailers to offer the growing number of pet owners. With more than 1,600 hotels that accommodate pets and many more retailers moving away from plastic, biodegradable pet bowls are a better alternative to helping the environment and peace of mind for pet owners.

First FWD, LLC ( is bringing 100% biodegradable colorful pet bowls to the United States largest hotels and retailers. These pet bowls are made with bamboo fiber that easily decomposes naturally in the environment. There are six different color bowls (Light Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green, Purple and Dark Blue) that come in five different sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL).

Like many pet owners, First FWD found that traveling with pets meant using multiple plastic bowls or using the same metal bowl throughout a week stay. Leaving a pet’s food and water bowls out for days without cleaning them runs the risk of spreading dangerous bacteria and potentially contracting a foodborne illness. Also, using multiple plastic pet bowls means more plastic pollution for the environment. The solution was to provide a biodegradable pet bowl that was stylish, colorful, functional, as well as sturdy.

The shift toward ethically disposable products is here and First FWD sought out a supplier that is economical; keeping costs affordable for hotels and retailers. Gone are the plain compostable bowls that are single use, flimsy, and boring. As well, no one wants to carry foldable plastic bowls that need to be washed every night when traveling. First FWD, LLC is the first in the United States to bring stylish and colorful biodegradable bowls that are ready for purchase in small quantities or in bulk.

Brenda Button at First FWD, LLC is North American’s Sales Representative working with all businesses to meet budget and supply. Smaller orders can be easily ordered online at: For larger orders, or a specific color, you can get a quote or sample by speaking directly with Brenda at (403) 681-7225 or




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