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Candace D'Agnolo

Do These Things This December to Ensure Santa Gives You a Holiday Bonus

Follow this weekly plan to ensure Santa pays you a visit this season, too!




Ready to maximize every moment possible and give yourself a fabulous winter bonus? Follow this weekly plan to ensure Santa pays you a visit this season, too!

Nov. 27 – Dec. 3
Focus on Giving

This week, go big with the theme of shopping for others. Showcase products and wording that supports giving to all the dog lovers in their lives. Have sales associates ask about those extended family pets and other dog lovers on their lists to bring them to top of mind. Suggest creative and fun items like people clothing, picture frames, bakery treats, and doggy beer or wine. Offer a variety of price points to cover any budget to make shopping for multiple pets easy and affordable.

During this week, your register area needs higher-priced items (puzzle games, tech products, fancy holiday collars). Customers will feel good about purchasing for others, so they will be ready to spoil their own pets.

Dec. 4-10 Focus on Them

This week focus all your marketing efforts on the idea of spoiling their pets. Recommend a new coat, a new bed, a new collar, maybe even some new toys for the toy box. Take the spoiling one step further, and give everyone who walks in a free stocking! Require that they have to fill it with at least three items of their choice (and provide their contact info for future mailings). This will turn browsers into buyers.

Continue with high-ticket items at the register area. But move things around or fill with new merchandise to keep it looking fresh. If you use the free stocking idea, high-ticket items that fit in them (like bully sticks or de-shedding brushes) should go at the checkout area as well.

Dec. 11-17 Focus on the Grinch

Use the Grinch to steal the show this week. Have him make appearances throughout the week or stand outside waving to draw attention. You could also hide a Grinch toy somewhere for people to find for a free gift card to use in January. Get creative and interactive with the Grinch on social media. And most important, say to each customer … “Does your dog have a present under the tree for Christmas?” … “No?! Well don’t be a Grinch! Let’s find him something special. Can I show you some of our best dog toys? What’s his play style?”


This week your register should be filled with three- and six-packs of bakery treats. Include other edible holiday-themed merchandise in the mix as well. Customers are sure to stock up and buy more than they need, so they don’t find themselves forgetting someone on their shopping list.

Dec. 18-24 Focus on Holiday Merchandise

There’s only one week left to move out anything and everything holiday. Remember the winter-themed merchandise, too (snowmen, penguin, etc.). We all think it’s going to sell after the holidays, but it rarely will. Remerchandise this stuff all together and move it to a visible area. For SKUs or categories with lots of inventory left, now is the time to mark it down 25 percent, or go even deeper with a “buy two, get one” of all the stuff you want to move out. You’ll sell more discounted holiday merchandise before the 24th, than you will after the 25th.

Make sure your register area is covered this week with any remaining holiday merchandise. Bundle items (two toys with a chewy, wrapped in a big red ribbon). If you don’t have much holiday merchandise left, use this area to feature long-lasting chews to keep pets entertained while your customers are enjoying time with their families.

Candace D’Agnolo owns successful pet business Dogaholics and offers business consulting at Pet Boss Nation. For help creating a customized 90-day plan to tackle all your business goals, download a free worksheet, at Contact her at



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