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Dog Rocks Save 2 Million Lawns

Almost a quarter of those sales have been based in the United States and Canada.




(PRESS RELEASE) LAKE WORTH, FL — Dog Rocks, which provides a safe, non-toxic, chemical-free way to eliminate pet urine burn marks on lawns, has sold its 2 millionth package, allowing the unique brand to exceed market category growth.

This was cause for celebration for every member of the Dog Rocks team. “We’re thrilled to have officially sold over two million bags worldwide since the product hit the U.S. in 2015,” comments Kim Goldsworthy, sales director for North America. “Almost a quarter of those sales have been based in the United States and Canada, and we’re now leading the charge to hit three million sales by 2020!”

Dog Rocks are 100 percent natural rocks found exclusively in Australia. Once placed in a dog’s water bowl, the rocks will help save lawns from pet urine burn marks for up to two months. This product is proven to work continuously to filter out the specific impurities responsible for excess nitrate concentrations in canine urine, which is the cause of lawn burn. Plus, it helps fertilize pet owners’ lawns and saves dog owners from spending money on expensive lawn treatments.

Offered in two different bag sizes — 200-gram (0.44 lbs) and 600-gram (1.32 lbs) — Dog Rocks are distributed through Podium Pet Products’ website, Independent retailers interested in stocking and selling this product are invited to call (800) 503-3914 or email



Things Are Looking Good in the Pet Business … but Don’t Get Too Comfortable

PETS+'s marketing guru just wants to remind you that eventually, the upswing will become a downturn. When that happens, will you be ready?

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Press Releases

Phillips Pet Food & Supplies Continues Expansion of Western Distribution in Colorado

They will be available by the end of December 2018.




(PRESS RELEASE) EASTON, PA — Phillips Pet Food & Supplies, a leading pet product distributor serving the independent pet channel, continues to expand its product selection in the western United States with the addition of four important brands at its Colorado facility. The product lines for Stella & Chewy’s, Canidae, Evanger’s and Petcurean will be available through Phillips by the end of December 2018 in the Denver distribution center, which serves Colorado, western Kansas and northern New Mexico.

“Phillips continues to build our vendor partnerships and expand the assortment of products that are relevant to our customers,” says Elizabeth Thibodeau, vice president, Merchandising & Marketing for Phillips Pet Food & Supplies. “By curating a regional intentional assortment with compelling brands such as Stella & Chewy’s, Canidae, Evanger’s and Petcurean, Phillips continues to demonstrate our commitment to becoming the preferred service provider in pet specialty.”

Stella & Chewy’s

Stella & Chewy’s is committed to providing the highest quality, natural pet food available using exceptional ingredients responsibly sourced from farmers and ranchers the brand knows and trusts. Crafted in the USA, Stella & Chewy’s fresh, frozen and freeze-dried pet food emphasizes nutrition, palatability, safety and convenience. The brand’s commitment to superior quality is evidenced in grass fed, cage free and wild caught meats along with 100 percent organic fruits and vegetables. All products are grain free, gluten free and are enhanced with probiotics.


Canidae has been making pet food since 1996 and is committed to quality ingredients. The company promises that what they say is in its dog and cat food is what’s in the food. Canidae uses real meat or fish first in its PURE limited ingredient dog and cat foods. There are eight key ingredients in Grain Free PURE Petite formulas for small dogs and farm-grown ingredients in Under the Sun dog and cat food recipes. The All Life Stages formula has nutritionally dense meat and fish meals.


Evanger’s offers innovative, hand-packed gourmet dinners and balanced meals for pets of all life stages, age and breeds. The line includes canned and dry food for dogs and cats, treats for dogs and food for ferrets. Evanger’s utilizes high-quality, inspected meats to make palatable and nutritious foods that satisfy even finicky eaters. The foods have no soy, corn, wheat, artificial ingredients, preservatives, harmful additives or by-products.


Petcurean is a family-owned Canadian company that creates premium-quality pet food recipes: GO! Solutions, Now Fresh, Gather and Spike treats for dogs and cats. GO! Solutions provides specific formulas for pets with unique dietary needs. Now Fresh offers dry and wet pet food recipes with 100 percent fresh meats and healthy omega oils. Gather is crafted from certified and organic ingredients and is sustainably produced. Spike allows pet parents to reward their dogs with treats made using all-natural ingredients.

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Press Releases

Hound & Gatos Partners with United Pacific Pet

Hound & Gatos will be available to independent retailers in AZ, CA, HI and NV.




(PRESS RELEASE) FRANCIS, WI – Hound & Gatos, a canned dog and cat food company, has teamed up with United Pacific Pet (UPP). With this new partnership in place, Hound & Gatos will now be available to independent retailers in Arizona, California, Hawaii and Nevada.

Recently acquired by Charlee Bear Pet Products, the pet food company is looking to expand its national distribution in anticipation of the brand’s impending updates.

“UPP’s professionalism and commitment to customer service are only a couple of the reasons that we’re thrilled to collaborate with them,” said Patrick McGarry, general manager of Charlee Bear Pet Products.

“We’ve got some exciting upcoming plans in the works for Hound & Gatos, and we know UPP’s extensive network will help us to continue growing and reaching more pet parents with our protein-packed pet food.”

Hound & Gatos features real animal meat protein in its canned diets for both dogs and cats, catering to pets’ natural carnivore instincts. To learn more, visit or email

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Pipolino Debuts Mobile Food Dispenser to U.S. Market

It promotes both physical and mental balance.




(PRESS RELEASE) Pipolino’s mobile and adjustable dry food dispenser allows pets to find food as they would in nature, which promotes both physical and mental balance. Animals have the ability to roll Pipolino on the ground or in a trough in order to dispense kibble slowly and chase or “hunt” for their food. Pipolino provides countless benefits and helps to avoid many common problems today’s pets face such as boredom, over eating, obesity, bad digestion, physical inactivity, aggression, and the ingesting of foreign bodies.

Additional features of Pipolino Include:

• Fits all brands, sizes and shapes of dry food.

• Contains a quantity of pellets allowing to feed one or many animals (depending on the choice of the model) during a meal, for one day, or for a weekend.

• Enable to modify, by simple adjustment, the ease of distribution of food, which trains the animal gradually and gently to eat slowly.

• Designed so that all the pieces of kibble coming out are immediately eaten, don’t scatter on the floor, don’t get crushed and don’t collect dust on the ground.

• Designed not roll under the furniture where the animal would not be able to recover it.

• Made of shocks-resistant, recyclable, food-grade quality materials.

MSRP: $24.90



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