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Dolittle Search Conducts Pet Industry Salary Survey

The goal is to provide “a quick, comprehensive look at the hiring landscape.”




(PRESS RELEASE) EDGEMONT, SD – Dolittle Search, the leading executive search company committed solely to recruiting top-tier talent for the pet industry, is gathering data for a pet industry-specific salary survey.

According to Dolittle Search President Shaylene Keiner, “The pet industry’s current hiring climate is changing rapidly, and with corporate restructuring, closures, relocations, mergers, remote work, and other adjustments, it’s essential to understand how those changes affect your workforce. If you’re adding to your team in 2023, you need a quick, comprehensive look at the hiring landscape.”

Keiner said that Dolittle Search is conducting the 2023 Pet Industry Salary Survey in the weeks preceding the Global Pet Expo. “While the survey only takes a few minutes to complete, executive leaders and hiring managers will benefit from industry-specific insight and information for their competitors and employees.”

“The goal is to gather the best and most current data,” stated Keiner. The information collected will include average salaries for specific roles in the pet industry while considering regional trends, benefits packages, and incentives. “Results will help customers attract and retain the best talent,” she said.

Competition is fierce for the most attractive candidates. “For a good reason,” said Keiner. “Top-level talent will shape and contribute to the overall success of whichever organization they choose to join, and contention over these folks can become costly if you don’t know their worth or expectations. By capturing pet industry trends and defining best hiring practices for these essential roles, the Salary Survey provides data that’s not available anywhere else.”

If interested in participating in the Dolittle Search 2023 Pet Industry Salary Survey, email Shaylene Keiner at


For more information about Dolittle Search, visit or phone 605-600-1715. Follow on social media at LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

About Dolittle Search, Pet Industry Specialists

Dolittle Search recruits and engages top talent for organizations of all configurations and sizes. We discern the ideal professional for your key contributor roles, executive positions, C-suite functions, and many others. Fortune 500 corporations, venture and private equity groups, family-owned businesses, non-profits, and even trade associations depend on us to match them with the perfect talent. Dolittle Search strategically places thriving, motivated people exactly where they belong in the pet industry. Professionals dedicated to driving your success are on our radar, and we land them for you quickly and on your terms.



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