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Donations, Suggestions and Accolades: Readers React to Nov/Dec Pets+




Truckloads of Donations

Pets+ is by far the best magazine out there. Great information, great toys, great stories and all-around a great magazine. I wish I would’ve known about “To the Rescue” (Nov/Dec, page 41), as our pet hotel donated three truckloads of dog food, diapers, cages etc. to the people in Houston. We have the best customers! —  Lincoln Baker, Posh Pet Hotel, West Palm Beach, FL

Suggestion Box

I’d like to see a story on how groomers handle getting a dog in that is so matted the fur has to be shaved off and comes off in a pelt. The nails are growing into the pads. What do groomers say to the client when they come to pick up the dog? Is it considered abuse? Neglect? Is there recourse? —  Dana Rice, Dog Wild Pet Supplies and Resort, Cooperstown, NY

I would like to see more articles about successful puppy stores. I would like the industry to understand that legislation affects us all. These anti-pet-shop people need to be educated that the end run is a pet-free society. —  Gary Nudelman, A World of Pups, New York and Connecticut

I think it would be great if you focus on owners who have had their lows and how they’ve come back from it. This journey is a rollercoaster, and encouragement from our peers is always needed! —  Angela Pantalone, Wag Central, Stratford, CT

ED: Angela, you might want to have a look at our Jan/Feb 2017 issue, when we featured five businesses that came back from the brink:

What to do when multiple chain stores open within minutes of you? How to handle the showroom folks who want my advice on what to buy that then buy it on Amazon while I’m helping them? —  Ramie Gulyas, Follow Your Nose, Evanston, IL


Love Letters

I really love the magazine! I get so many ideas and inspiration. I especially love the calendar of upcoming events along with ideas for promotions around those events. —  Diana Perez, Species Pet Supply, Riverview, FL

I love the “Know It All” section. It has some great tidbits of information.—   Julie Hilt, Animart Pet, Beaver Dam, WI

I loved the article on Dee-O-Gee in Bozeman, MT. —  Tamara Roche, Dash Pet Service, Billings, MT



P.L.A.Y. Media Spotlight

At P.L.A.Y. — Pet Lifestyle & You — toy design is definitely a team effort! Watch PETS+ interviewer Chloe DiVita and P.L.A.Y.’s Director of Sales Lisa Hisamune as they talk about the toy design process, the fine-tuning that makes each toy so special and why every P.L.A.Y. collection is made with independent retailers top of mind.

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