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Dr. Marty Goldstein Speaking at California Cancer Event

Event will be held Oct. 11-13 in Anaheim, CA.




Dr. Marty

(PRESS RELEASE) Considered by many experts and thousands of satisfied clients to be America’s foremost integrative veterinarian, veterinarian Marty Goldstein will be one of 40 leading experts speaking at The Truth About Cancer [LIVE] event held Oct. 11-13 in Anaheim, CA. More than 17 million people will be diagnosed with cancer this year, and that number is expected to rise. Sadly, our animal companions are developing cancer at the same rate as humans. Goldstein will be sharing his expertise in pet health with all who attend.

Statistics show that one in four dogs and one in five cats will develop cancer in their lifetimes. Many pet families are searching for answers on how to prevent and/or treat cancer in their beloved pets. Goldstein is a notable integrative veterinarian, author and founder of Dr. Marty. As a leader in the field of veterinary medicine, Goldstein combines elements of traditional medicine with nutrition, immune support and alternative treatments that have yielded results for countless numbers of pets from around the world.

“There’s a big difference between conventional and holistic treatments. The biggest difference? Conventional treatment is more cancer oriented, and holistic is more patient oriented,” says Goldstein. “I am honored to speak at this life-changing event and can’t wait to help spread the truth about pet health and cancer to pet parents everywhere!”

Goldstein has been practicing for more than 40 years and is the founder of the Smith Ridge Veterinary Center in South Salem, NY, which specializes in the use of integrative medicine and complementary modalities for maintaining animal wellness and treating chronic and degenerative illnesses. He is the author of The Nature of Animal Healing: The Definitive Holistic Medicine Guide to Caring for Your Dog and Cat.,




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