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Tall Tails® has one of the most complete bedding collections in the industry, including beds and blankets that are perfect at home or on the road.

Pet Parents love to travel. And since dogs are part of the family pack, they’re probably traveling, too. That’s why Tall Tails® offers a range of beds and blankets that are as beautiful as they are perfectly portable, offering security and comfort on the road — or even in a different part of the house.

Dream Chaser Cuddle Beds are available in five sizes: XS, S, M, L and XL.
MRSP: $44.99 – $159.99
Blankets with Real Feel Fabric™ measure a luxurious 40” x 60” and have a waterproof layer for extra protection.
MSRP: $89.99

Dream Chaser Cuddle Beds are made with Real Feel Fabric™ designed to mimic the feel of real fur and offer security and comfort for their best rest.

The Tall Tails® bedding is washable and can easily make the transition from home to car to vacation house. Since there are as many sleeping styles as there are breeds, Tall Tails beds can be perfectly matched to the pup. Some are snugglers and love their cuddle or donut beds. Others love the comfort and security of a crate with a soft pad. And some sleepers may do well with a bolster bed that offers a little head support as they snooze.

In khaki or charcoal, fleece-topped Dream Chaser Bolster Beds are available in M, L and XL sizes. MSRP: $59.99 – $109.99

Washable Dream Chaser Donut Beds are perfect for dogs that like a protected, soft space. Available in charcoal and khaki.MSRP: $49.99

Dream Chaser Cushion Beds in M, L and XL sizes. MRSP: $59.99 – $109.99

Dream Chaser Bolster Beds are perfect for snoozers who like a place to rest their heads.

No matter the style, there’s a Tall Tails dog bed that will work for every dreamer, whether they’re home or on the road. Here are some of Tall Tails bedding styles that offer dogs comfort wherever they may rest.

With a plush top and a canvas bottom for custom comfort, Dream Chaser Cushion Beds are a perfect choice for full-body floppers.
Dream Chaser Classic Dog Crate Beds, available in five sizes, offer a reversible design for maximum comfort.MSRP: $39.99 – $99.99
Deluxe Dream Chaser Deluxe Dog Crate Beds, available in five sizes, include bungee cords to secure the bed to the sleeping area. MSRP: $49.99 – $129.99