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Dress Up Your Pet Day and More January Dates to Remember




14 Dress Up Your Pet Day is a major opportunity for anyone in the grooming and pet fashion fields. From the start of the month, share your best costuming ideas for different animals (and differently sized animals). Don’t forget to offer your assistance in putting together something absolutely jaw-dropping.

1 Happy new year. It’s Polar Bear Swim Day. Take a little dip yourself to mark the New Year, or offer a prize to those who do.

2 It’s Personal Trainer Awareness Day. These folks influence many. Why not try to become their influencer by reaching out with a gift or coupon for a free groom today?

4 Have a bad habit? On Hypnotism Day, hypnotize yourself out of it. What if it doesn’t work, you ask? Well, what if it does?

7 It’s Bobblehead Day. This year, why let sports teams have all the fun? Look online for someone to create bobbleheads of staff members and/or beloved animals. (They can base these on a single picture.) It might cost you $100 or so to create one … but prices go down quickly when you order multiple copies.

18 On Thesaurus Day, take a few hours to read over your marketing materials. Are you using certain words (i.e. “frisky” to describe behavior or “shiny” to describe an animal’s coat) too often? If so, it’s probably time to select some fresh synonyms to wear out.

19 What to do for Popcorn Day? (Hint: Dogs love popcorn, with the important proviso that it is air-popped, unflavored, unbuttered and checked to ensure no unpopped kernels.)

23 Handwrite notes to 50 top customers on Handwriting Day. Or, if you’re feeling especially frugal, buy discounted holiday cards to handwrite for next holiday season.

24 On National Compliment Day, take your praise to a higher level. Be precise, generous and cast a wide net. And don’t just save the kind words for your customers. Ring up a reporter and tell him you found his article helpful, tell a vendor you appreciate his educational efforts, and tell a new salesperson you liked the way she handled a turnover. Praise is just about the best way to modify behavior — and it’s free and inexhaustible.

28 “De plane, Boss … De plane.” Celebrate the 40TH ANNIVERSARY OF FANTASY ISLAND’S PREMIERE by inviting your customers to fill out a Fantasy Wish List for 2018. One lucky person gets her wish. The rest get follow-up phone calls from dream master Mr. Roarke. (That’s you. Dust off that white suit … or pantsuit.)


Jan. 2  is Happy Mew Year Day for Cats.
Jan. 8 is Bubble Bath Day. Promote “extra suds” in your dog wash today.
Jan. 9 is Clean Off Your Desk Today Day. Celebrate. An orderly desk means an orderly mind.
Jan. 17 is Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day. Are you still holding onto your New Year’s resolutions? Good job!
Jan. 22 is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day. Maybe you could write a blog in which you perform this imaginary exercise today.
Jan. 26 is International Fun at Work DayOf course, EVERY day is fun in the pet business.



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