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Earth Animal Goes Plastic Neutral to Combat Plastic Epidemic

It partners with rePurpose Global to offset plastic impact.




(PRESS RELEASE) SOUTHPORT, CT — Since 1979, Earth Animal has been dedicated to caring for animals, people, and the Earth. EA has furthered its commitment to this mission and is now certified as Plastic Neutral. The company has partnered with rePurpose Global to fund the recovery of as much nature-bound plastic waste as it uses across its packaging and distribution. This bold commitment is part of a wider plastic waste action strategy including a commitment to transitioning all packaging to a recyclable option by 2025.

By contributing a percentage of every product purchase to plastic reduction efforts, Earth Animal is enabling the annual removal of more than 165,000 pounds of plastic waste otherwise landfilled, burned, or flushed into the oceans every year. Through its partnership with rePurpose Global, the company is supporting vetted waste management projects in Bogota, Colombia. These programs collect and process hard-to-recycle waste streams otherwise too low value to be reclaimed from the environment, such as chocolate wrappers, chips packets and similar flexible packaging items.

The pet industry is responsible for over 3 million pounds of plastic waste every year. As a prominent player in the industry, Earth Animal recognizes the grave threat that plastic pollution poses to the future of our planet and is planning to take further action against this epidemic. “We have seen the devastating amount of waste generated every day by our industry, so to us, the urgency of this crisis was impossible to ignore, and we decided to step up. Our planet needs us, and Earth Animal is taking strong strides to do our part,” said Stewart Shanley, Earth Animal’s CEO. “Our partnership with rePurpose Global is a cornerstone of our commitment to mitigating our use of plastics.”

Other Earth Animal plastics commitments include:

  • Joining the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, the leading voice on sustainable packaging with a membership that encompasses the entire supply chain
  • Adding How2Recycle information to each new packaging run until it is on all packaging by 2023. This simple system takes the guesswork out of common numerical recycling icons that are often confusing or inaccurate.
  • Earth Animal is a Founding Donor of the Pet Sustainability’s Plastics Pledge, a program to support pet companies to move to 100% recyclable, reusable, or compostable packaging by 2025.

“For our company, the clue is in our name. We are called Earth Animal for a reason, and as such we want to play our part in improving the wellness and longevity of not only Earth’s animals, but also the planet that sustains them. Our rePurpose Global partnership shows our commitment to reducing our plastic footprint while supporting marginalized communities around the world, a truly impactful collaboration,” said Dr. Bob and Susan Goldstein, co-founders of Earth Animal.

“Environmental protection is at the core of Earth Animal. It’s so refreshing to see them push the boundaries on tackling the plastic waste problem. Forward-thinking brands like Earth Animal are the need of the hour. We hope this pioneering move pushes more brands to take responsibility for their own plastic waste,” said Aditya Siroya, co-founder and Chief Impact Officer of rePurpose Global, the world’s first Plastic Credit Platform.


About Earth Animal

In 1979, Dr. Bob and Susan Goldstein, co-founders of Earth Animal, embraced the transition from conventional veterinary medicine to an integrative and holistic approach focusing on the whole animal. Since then, Earth Animal’s focus has been to pioneer another way – a more holistic, humane, and sustainable way to nurture health and longevity for dogs and cats.

Earth Animal proudly dedicates 1% of its annual net sales to organizations, industry stewardship, and mission-driven efforts that preserve and enhance quality of life for animals, people, and the Earth. Their commitment to sustainability continues to deepen, centered on reducing its dependence on factory-farmed animals, mitigating its environmental impact, and using sustainable business practices to drive success and inspire the pet industry to do the same.

Earth Animal products can be found at independent pet shops nationwide. Please visit here to find a store near you.

If you would like more information about Earth Animal, please reach out to Susan Goldstein at 203.557.3322 or email at Please follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

About rePurpose Global


rePurpose Global is the World’s First Plastic Credit Platform dedicated to making environmental action accessible for purposeful companies worldwide. Their one-stop solution empowers anybody to go Plastic Neutral by financing plastic waste management and mitigation projects worldwide.

Since its inception, rePurpose Global has created environmental impact for people across 26 countries and 100+ purposeful brands, ranging from up-and-coming SMEs to global Fortune 500s. In doing so, the coalition is positively impacting and touching the lives of 9,500+ marginalized waste workers and community members worldwide.

Check out this 4-minute introduction video or go to the website to explore the platform and join the movement.



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