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Earth Animal Launches Nature’s Protection




(PRESS RELEASE) SOUTHPORT, CT – Earth Animal, the trusted choice in award-winning, health improving, veterinary formulated products is launching a new full product line of Herbal Flea & Tick Defense called “Nature’s Protection” for both Dog and Cats. Nature’s Protection is formulated by Dr. Bob Goldstein, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Earth Animal. This product line offers ESSENTIAL, year-round protection from flea, ticks and other biting insects with products made from effective ingredients to be used both internally and externally year-round. The special combination of the vitamins, minerals and herbs helps to change the odor or your dog and cats blood so that fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and black flies loath the taste of the animal’s blood and therefore they don’t bite, embed or are even attracted to your animal! At the same time, the remedies are building up your pet’s immune system and they become a healthier animal. It works! Over 35 years of proven testimonials and now with an expanded product line; Herbal Collar, Herbal Bug Spray (for people too!), Herbal Shampoo, Spot-On, Daily Internal Powder (yeast free option available) and Daily Herbal Drops.

“In 1979, we learned that the ingredients used in traditional flea & tick collars were derivatives of toxic nerve gas. Many common brands today still use these ingredients. And since then, our mission has been to raise awareness of the serious, adverse health risks that come with using chemicals or insecticides on pets to kill fleas and ticks,” said Susan Goldstein, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Earth Animal. “As pet parents ourselves as well as holistic healers, we were committed to developing something which would be safe to use. Today, we have a complete product line that is “tried and tested” and is a natural alternative to chemicals.

Earth Animal’s Nature’s Protection Herbal Flea & Tick Defense Collars are formulated by Dr. Bob and were developed, made and tested in France. For additional protection, we have four naturally effective external products that should be used in conjunction with Earth Animal’s Internal Powders during Spring, Summer and Fall months, Spot-on Protection, Herbal Drops, Herbal Bug Spray and Herbal Shampoo. For more information on the complete product line of Nature’s Protection please visit here

Dr. Bob Goldstein’s Nature’s Protection Line:


We feel strongly that Flea & Tick “season” is no longer. We are experiencing an epidemic and need to be defending against these insects year-round. Pet parents should consider this complete product line for safe, side effect-free protection for their animals,” said Dr. Bob and Susan.



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