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Eastwood Ranch Foundation Launches Site to Help Rescues and Shelters Connect with Pet Fosters and Transporters




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(Press Release) LOS ANGELES, CA – Eastwood Ranch Foundation, a non-profit animal rescue organization founded by actress/director Alison Eastwood, has launched, a website that connects rescue groups and animal shelters with a nationwide network of pet fosters and transporters.

Every year millions of animals find themselves in shelters facing an uncertain future.

With so many shelters unable to keep animals for long because of constant new arrivals, fostering can mean the difference between life and death for these dogs and cats. Many pets that are euthanized each year may have been saved if there were more people who were willing to provide a temporary home for them until they could be adopted.

Fostering also helps keep open spaces in rescues organizations, which, unlike shelters, do not have their own facilities, so they rely almost exclusively on fosters.

Advertisement makes it easy for animal lovers who may not be in a position to adopt to make an immediate difference.

Anyone interested in becoming a foster can sign up to connect with rescue groups and shelters that need temporary fosters. Fosters can set up their own profile and list their preferences including the type of animal they want to foster, breed, age, temperament, energy level and length of time they can commit to fostering. They can also select whether they want to be a volunteer or paid foster, and set their own rates.

“Being a foster is a great way to have a dog or cat without the expense and long-term commitment, said Alison Eastwood, co-founder of “Every pet placed in a foster home, opens up valuable space for a rescue organization to take in another shelter animal before they are euthanized.”

Rescues signed up with supply food, beds, leashes, bowls, kitty litter and veterinary care so it doesn’t cost anything.

Rescues and shelters can search foster profiles by specific criteria or geographic location and send an inquiry to see whether they are available to foster a specific pet. After they have completed fostering a pet, rescues and shelters can write a review or endorse them.

Pet transporters can also sign up to drive animals from shelters to their foster or forever homes. Transporters can post their mileage rates and the distance they are willing to travel.


Additional features:

  • Search Pets feature allows anyone to search for available foster pets by zip code or narrow search by type of animal, breed, gender, age and size.
  • Pledge or donate towards a specific pet’s foster fund for animals in urgent need of fosters, through link on individual pet’s profile page.



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