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eCommerce Sensation Unveils PetCakes for Retailers

Check it out at Booth: #5804.





(PRESS RELEASE) ORLANDO, FL — Cats and dogs everywhere will want to get their paws on the most innovative treat at the Global Pet Expo 2023 in Orlando on March 22-24 as Melinda Kirk Stenger, also known as the Canine Caterer, debuts PetCakes Complete Baking Kits for Cats and PetCakes Complete Baking Kits for Dogs branded exclusively for brick and mortar and large retail stores.

Melinda, who has over 20 years of canine culinary experience, is the creator of the award-winning PetCakes line, the first ever DIY organic microwavable pet treats for both cats and dogs that created a large presence on eCommerce platforms like Amazon and and has generated over $25 Million in online sales. PetCakes is a solid favorite with pet moms and dads who want to pamper their pooch or princess kitty and has received over eleven thousand 4.5 star reviews for the PetCakes birthday kit alone.

“What people don’t realize is that many dogs are allergic to wheat, corn, and soy, which I discovered with my rescue dog, Bella,” Melinda says. “She’s a deaf Jack Russell mix, my official taste tester, and the inspiration behind everything I create including PetCakes.

For our retail rollout, we’ve created complete baking kits that are made with the finest human grade ingredients plus we source and make everything in the USA.”

Each kit makes six fish shaped cakes for cats or two bone shaped cakes for dogs plus 24 frosted mini cupcakes and pet parents can customize flavors or add healthy toppings and includes:

  • One fish shaped re-usable pan (for cats) or One bone shaped re-usable pan (for dogs)
  • Four cake mixes
  • Two frosting mixes
  • Both microwave and oven instructions.

“People think it’s too complicated and time consuming to cook for their cats or dogs,” Melinda says, “but this makes it so easy and why I developed PetCakes Complete Baking Kits for both cats and dogs so parents and kids can have fun and bond with their pets in a unique way while cooking for them.” Melinda has also created complete baking kits for all occasions pet parents want to celebrate with their furry friends including birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and Christmas, with purrfectly nutritious, homemade treats that will have tails wagging. The PetCakes Complete Baking Kits for Cats and PetCakes Complete Baking Kits for Dogs retail at $24.99 and will be available to pet owners and their furry families at select retailers across the country later this year following their launch at the Global Pet Expo. Melinda is excited to be at the show this year and shares, “When we launched PetCakes in 2010 as a completely unknown company and brand, we were thrilled to win ‘Best New Product of the Year’ here and now we are back and hope to earn that honor again in both cat and dog divisions with PetCakes Complete Baking Kits.”


Melinda Kirk Stenger will be meeting with buyers and retailers at the PetCakes Booth #5804 located in the Boutique Section at the Global Pet Expo 2023 where she is also available for media interviews and product previews. Find out how to order a PetCakes Birthday Kit for those special furry friends at or follow Melinda on Instagram.

Contact: Melinda Kirk Stenger GPE Booth: #5804 Email: Website: Phone: (859) 620-2525



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