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Editorial Director’s Note: A New Type of Magazine for Pet Business Pros



debut issue PETS+

THERE’S NO USE trying to be cool about this. We’re pumped to hear what you think about Pets+.

Pets+ is the third publication from the team at SmartWorkMedia. Our other publications serve American jewelry store owners and eyecare business owners, and are leaders in their fields, garnering huge popularity ratings in head-to-head competition with rival publications.

To give you an idea why our publications have been successful in touching readers, here are a few central beliefs of our company:

1. Our editorial golden rule: if a story doesn’t help American pet business owners sell more, save more, manage better, or even just sleep easier at night, it doesn’t go into Pets+.

2. We don’t create magazines for business people. We create magazines for people — people who just happen to run a specific type of business.

3. For a business owner, solving the weakness of a single employee will have a bigger direct impact on their bottom line than the typical monthly activities of all the associations and committees in that industry.


4. Reading a business magazine shouldn’t seem like work. Business owners have enough of that already.

5. The biggest risk a business magazine can take is taking no risks. A publication that’s afraid to take chances is a publication that, eventually, people will get bored with.

6. The second-greatest compliment a reader can give a magazine is to read every page. (The greatest compliment is to keep a magazine in the bathroom.)

7. The most important service a publication can provide an advertiser is to have readers who read, value and trust that publication.

As you read our debut issue, we hope you like what you see and can see the potential for growth. We’ll be printing on a six-issue schedule in 2017 and hope to appear even more frequently in future years. You can help make that happen by telling your fellow pet business owners and your suppliers about us.

Wishing you the very best business,


David Squires
SmartWork Media, Group Editorial Director

David Squires is the Group Editorial Director of SmartWork Media. He believes that the first role of business media is to inspire readers.



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