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Ello Pet Supply Announces Addition of Hush Plush Toys




(PRESS RELEASE) WHEAT RIDGE, CO – Ello will add four toys in sizes large and small from R2P Pet’s Hush Plush toy line. Bumble Bee, Dragon, Grrr Gator and Shhh Shark.  

Hush Plush Toys feature soft plush and durable TPR squeaker with a unique on/off switch for the squeaker allowing for rowdy play or quiet chew time.   

“Stores are over the rainbow about the unicorns. They are a unique toy that gets noticed on the shelf that spans multiple age groups.”- Jaime Rowe, Pack Leader of Ello Pet Supply.

Ello’s distribution network and customer base has grown significantly in the past year. The expansion is focused on meeting the demands of a growing pipeline with a high quality product offering for discerning retail partners. For more information on becoming a supplier or retail partner please visit our website: Ello Wholesale Pet Supply or contact us at 303-551-0491.


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