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Eosera Unveils Earwax PET via




(PRESS RELEASE) Fort Worth, TX, June 12th, 2018 — Biotechnology innovator EOSERA®, Inc announced today that the company has ventured into the pet care market with Earwax PET™, Ear Cleaner for Dogs, a new, patent-pending formula that quickly and effectively cleans wax, dirt and other debris from the ear canal. Clean ears result in reduced odor and less irritation for the pet. The product is slated to launch on in early June 2018.

“We are thrilled to launch Earwax PET™ on for consumers this month. Our intention is to expand into new markets with our entire ear care line, so there is no doubt that Amazon is our ideal global e-commerce home,” said Elyse Dickerson, Co-founder & CEO of Eosera, Inc.

Earwax (cerumen) is produced naturally within a dog’s ear canal. Earwax helps keep the ear clean and may help minimize infections. Certain breeds however, are genetically prone to produce excess earwax. These breeds often have more frequent ear infections and show signs of irritated ears. Excess earwax may also lead to an unpleasant odor in the ear canal as well as fungus accumulation, pain, reduced hearing and possibly balance issues. Routine ear canal cleaning may help reduce these unwanted symptoms. 

According to scientific literature, dogs suffer from earwax impaction just like humans. Some dog breeds are more prone to excessive levels of earwax that is unhealthy. For example, some Cocker Spaniels have a genetic condition that causes the glands in their ears to create excessive earwax. Dogs with very long ear canals, like Bassets, can also experience excessive wax build up. 

Veterinarian Michael Morris has been in practice for over 30 years now and according to him, some ear cleaning products designed for dogs rely on a low pH product, often containing acetic acid. While these products may effectively clean the ear, the low pH can lead to discomfort to the pet during the cleaning process. An uncomfortable pet makes ear cleaning very difficult.  “Dogs tend to be a lot more calm when treating their ears with Earwax PET. Unlike other products, there is no rawness, and no post-treatment irritation to the ears. It is my new favorite product on the market for ear cleaning, and the best part is that it works within 10 minutes.”

Eosera will also introduce the product to retail buyers and other professionals in the pet industry at the annual SuperZoo #SZ18 meeting in Las Vegas from June 26 – 28, where Eosera will be at Booth #2876. Additionally, industry professionals can click here to see where to buy Earwax PET™ and to request more information.


About Eosera, Inc.

EOSERA®, Inc. is a majority woman-owned biotech company committed to developing innovative products that address underserved healthcare needs. Eosera operates by putting purpose before profits and is proud to be one of the pioneering companies in a movement called  Conscious Capitalism. Eosera’s first product, Earwax MD®, is a novel, topical drop that uses a dual-action technology to dissolve impacted earwax. It is the first topical earwax treatment innovation in decades and is proven to perform in a single treatment with a majority of users. In 2017, Eosera won the Tech FW (Fort Worth) Impact Award  and Eosera’s CEO was named a finalist in D CEO’s 2017 Excellence in Healthcare Awards. The product is currently available at CVS stores nationwide and at Amazon. For more information, visit  



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