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Essentials PetCare to Launch Satellite Clinics for Vet Hospitals at Walmart

The clinics ‘allow quality care to be accessible for underserved pet families.’




Essentials PetCare, which offers preventative and minor illness care, is launching a satellite clinic model at select Walmart stores.

Established animal hospitals can open Essentials PetCare satellite clinics at Walmart by licensing Essentials PetCare’s business model through EPC Squared, its partner clinic program.

Hospitals “are able to refer existing cost-conscious clients and price shoppers to the satellite clinic, which is operated with substantially lower overhead,” according to a press release.

More from the release:

Practice owners looking to operate an Essentials PetCare clinic can take advantage of an easy, turnkey solution to significantly expand reach to more pet owners, especially underserved pet families, a largely untapped market in the U.S. The EPC satellite clinic enables workflow efficiency that maximizes hospital resources and helps reduce client congestion and scheduling backlogs by routing preventative and minor illness patients to the satellite clinic. Hospitals have the opportunity to improve overall financial performance by keeping larger margin activities at the primary hospital facility, e.g., surgery, dentistry, internal medicine, radiology, hospitalization, and advanced diagnostics, while performing lower margin activities, such as preventative and minor illness care at the satellite clinic.

With a location in Walmart, EPC satellite clinics allow quality care to be accessible for underserved pet families. Hospitals are able to refer existing cost-conscious clients and price shoppers to the satellite clinic, which is operated with substantially lower overhead. This propels a self-sustaining cycle of new client referrals back to the primary hospital. Essentials PetCare satellite clinics also give hospital staff the ability to work in a lower-stress environment by rotating personnel through the satellite clinic—a welcomed solution to the widespread burnout among veterinary professionals.

Essentials PetCare partner clinics help fulfill the company’s vision to expand the reach of veterinary care to all pet families through a national network of retail clinics. “Partnering with full-service hospitals is accelerating the fulfilment of our mission to provide affordable and accessible veterinary care,” says Douglas Spiker, DVM, Co-founder & President at Essentials PetCare. “EPC2 satellite clinics complement hospitals by bringing efficient workflows to maximize productivity with a bifurcation of services, similar to human medicine. Hospital owners can also feel rewarded by broadening their reach to families who do not currently access veterinary care in their local community, adds Spiker.”

Essentials PetCare’s focus on expanding access to veterinary care will be highlighted during the inaugural Access to Veterinary Care Conference hosted by the ASPCA in partnership with the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine in Minneapolis, later this month. Essentials PetCare’s Medical Director and board-certified veterinarian, Travis W. Wagner, DVM, DABVP (Canine/Feline Practice) will provide a presentation for attendees, a Complementary Model for Advancing Access to Care. “Our complementary model eliminates two primary barriers to veterinary care: affordability and accessibility,” explains Wagner. “By focusing on wellness, preventative medicine, and minor illness, we are able to incorporate protocols that reduce the overall costs of services while still maintaining a high level of quality. This, combined with our focus on price transparency, allow us to become accessible to pet owners who did not previously seek veterinary care for their pets,” adds Wagner.

More information about EPC Squared Partner Clinics can be found at

About Essentials PetCare

Established in 2015, Essentials PetCare, LLC is a purpose-driven organization that provides easy access to affordable, high-quality preventative and minor illness care for dogs and cats. The company’s mission is to expand veterinary services to more pet-owning families who would otherwise not seek care because of cost. Essentials PetCare believes that no animal should ever suffer or put its family at risk of contracting diseases due to affordability. In addition to caring for pets, the company is devoted to improving the health of the veterinary care industry and its team members. For more information about Essentials PetCare, visit, @EssentialsPetCare on Facebook and Instagram, and @EssentialsPet on Twitter.




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