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Etha Botanicals Helping Pet Product Companies Bring Their Health Solutions to Pet Owners

OBM provides small pet businesses with proprietary, elevated product options enabling improved safety, transparency, and retail distribution.




(PRESS RELEASE) SAN DIEGO, CA — Etha Natural Botanicals (ETHA) announces the launch of Original Brand Manufacturing. This is a product, labeling, and distribution development endeavor that enables Kratom retailers across the U.S. access to its proprietary best-selling Kratom tablets with wrap-around solutions. ETHA’s tablets are considered by many as the gold standard of Kratom manufacturing due to the company’s high-quality products and labeling transparency. Through OBM, ETHA uses its R & D and testing methods to deliver tailored product and packaging solutions to help small businesses expedite time to market with the highest quality products and innovative packaging and labeling.

When Greg Matula adopted a rescued Huskey from a local shelter, he was informed that the dog would have chronic pain issues and was sent home with a prescription for Tramadol, a synthetic opioid used to treat pain in dogs, cats, and other small mammals. As a sufferer of back pain himself, Matula uses Kratom to ease his pain and wished there was a Kratom option for his pet. That is when an idea was sparked and in 2019, Matula established his Healing Pet Botanicals business. He wanted to create a niche market in the Kratom industry to compete against pet CBD products. With consumers’ preference for non-opioid products and retailers’ familiarity with CBD, Matula thought a Kratom product formulated specifically for pets could be successful. As he worked on his new business on a full-time basis, he struggled to gain purchase order traction with retailers and struggled to keep the business afloat. He realized he needed a strong partner in the Kratom industry to help advance his mission and increase awareness with mainstream retailers and consumers.

As an engineer, Matula helped ETHA in the early stage of their operation design supply chain management and tracking capabilities. He was responsible for tracking raw materials and assigning product test results to package products. He experienced first-hand how ETHA’s understanding of the industry, adherence to self-regulation, and commitment to transparency elevated their brand from one of many players in a fragmented market into industry leader in just a few short years.

I asked founders Victor Chung and Alex Karp if they could help me improve the execution of my idea for a pet line and they were able to deliver more than I expected. Since I aligned my business with this highly regarded brand, I have boosted the confidence that retailers are looking for when considering what products will occupy their shelves. It’s a triangulated win where ETHA’s competitive advantages are now advantages for my retailer partners and my business” said Matula.

“The team at ETHA offers a depth of knowledge to help smaller players move forward into the mainstream rather than smoke shops,” said Alex Karp. “The transparency and tablet quality we provide helps combat misinformation and further legitimize the industry with consumers and retailers.”

“Since establishing our OBM model and beta testing with a few choice clients, we realized we were helping small businesses in the Kratom industry re-emerge from the pandemic with an improved market strategy, better product selection, and better packaging. Together, it is a better fit for higher tier retail outlets,” said Victor Chung. “We’re also helping to educate the public about misinformation distributed by politicians and large pharmaceutical lobbyists, who see Kratom as competition and disruptive to their business. We will continue to be advocates on policy and improving self-regulation within the industry to make Kratom more readily available and appreciated as a natural remedy for pain and self-care.”




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