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Eukanuba Launches Premium Performance

There’s much more to performance nutrition than protein and fat.




(PRESS RELEASE) ST. CHARLES, MO – For more than half a century, Eukanuba has been a champion of sporting and working dogs. Founder Paul Iams focused on performance nutrition with the first dog food made from high-quality
animal proteins. After decades of innovation in science-backed nutrition for canine athletes, Eukanuba is introducing Premium Performance, an all-new line of performance products tailored to duration and intensity of activity.

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“It’s impossible to quantify the depth of science and technology that goes into the Eukanuba Premium Performance line. Athletic dogs are truly remarkable and we continue to define ways Eukanuba nutrition can help unleash their innate abilities not just as athletes, but also as working partners. There is a misconception that performance nutrition is all about protein and fat. It’s much more than that. The Eukanuba Premium Performance line is formulated to fuel different activity levels, support post-exercise recovery and help optimize nutrient delivery,” said David Everson, chief marketing officer of Eukanuba and Royal Canin. “Eukanuba Premium Performance products are setting a new standard in performance nutrition, and we are proud to make these diets available to discerning owners and handlers of the most active and performance-focused sporting and working dogs across the country.”

There’s much more to performance nutrition than protein and fat. The Eukanuba Premium Performance line is designed to provide targeted and systematic support with nutrients to help fuel the physical and mental demands of canine athletes:

  • RECOVERY – Antioxidant Cocktails to Support Post-Exercise Recovery: Athletic dogs need key nutrients to support recovery today so they can go hard again tomorrow. Eukanuba’s Premium Performance formulas have unique, custom-blended antioxidant cocktails to help reduce oxidative stress, a by-product of exercise that at elevated levels can contribute to fatigue.
  • DIGESTION – Enhanced1 Blend of Fibers & Prebiotics to Promote Healthy Digestion: Advanced nutrition means nothing if a dog’s body can’t absorb it. Eukanuba’s Premium Performance formulas use GI health technologies to help dogs optimize nutrient absorption. High-quality protein sources and carbohydrates such as finely ground cornmeal, barley, and grain sorghum (a cereal) can be efficiently absorbed by the digestive system. Fermentable fiber in the form of beet pulp supports digestive health and optimal stool quality.
  • WHOLE DOG NUTRITION – Key Nutrients to Help Protect Against the Effects of Regular & Intense Activity: Each diet comes fully loaded with vitamins and minerals that play a key role in supporting the demands of training, conditioning, and performing. The new Premium Performance diets provide targeted support to promote healthy brain function, strong muscles and agile joints, healthy skin and coat, healthy digestion and reduced tartar build-up.

Sporting and working dogs have varying energy needs. Some work in short bursts while others run all day. Eukanuba’s new Premium Performance line offers four activity-based diets formulated with a tailored blend of carbohydrates, protein, and fat to fuel energy that matches your dog’s workload.

  • 21/13 SPRINT: Dogs working anaerobically with intense bursts of energy for up to three minutes at a time require more carbohydrates and moderate amounts of protein and fat. Sprint has tailored levels of carbs for immediate energy and 21% protein and 13% fat. Forty-three percent of caloric energy is sourced from carbs. Sprint is ideal for anaerobic activity such as agility, flyball or dock diving.
  • 26/16 EXERCISE: Dogs working aerobically for up to two hours need additional fat to fuel energy reserves and higher protein levels to support exercising muscles. Exercise provides optimal energy with 26% protein, 16% fat and nutrients to help defend against the effects of regular exercise. Forty-one percent of caloric energy is sourced from fat. Exercise is ideal for endurance and aerobic activity such as running, hiking and assistance.
  • 30/20 SPORT: Dogs exercising for up to four hours need a balance of fat and carbs to help fuel them for longer durations. Sport has 30% protein to help strengthen and oxygenate exercising muscles and 20% fat for sustained energy. Forty-seven percent of caloric energy is sourced from fat. Sport is ideal for endurance and aerobic activity such as sporting, tracking and working.
  • 30/28 WORK: Dogs exercising for longer than four hours need even more fat for sustained energy and protein to support muscle oxygenation and integrity. Work is a custom blend of 30% protein and 28% fat to help provide hardworking dogs with all-day energy. Fifty-eight percent of caloric energy is sourced from fat. Work is ideal for extreme or continuous high-intensity activity such as working, herding or mushing.

“The same approach means the same results. That’s why we imagined a new kind of canine nutrition more than 50 years ago and why we continue to do so now with a continued passion and investment in further science for the sporting, working and service dogs,” said Russ Kelley, scientific services nutritionist – Royal Canin USA and Eukanuba Pro. “The new Premium Performance line harnesses the power of nutritional science to help deliver limit-pushing performance fuel.”

The Premium Performance line was created on a chassis principal backed by over a half-century of scientific research. The foundation of the chassis is the utilization of common ingredients and nutrient sources of high quality. Animal protein, beet pulp, vitamin E, selenium, chicken fat, fish oil, fiber, DHA, glucosamine, chondroitin among others are ingredients in each bag of Sprint, Exercise, Sport and Work. They all carry benefits across the board for GI protection, antioxidant systems, amino acids, fatty acids, among many others.


The new line is carried at most major pet specialty retailers. For more information, visit or



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