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Exclusive National Distribution Partnership for The New Zealand Natural Pet Food Co and Pet Palette

The New Zealand Natural Pet Food Co. line is scheduled to reach our shores at the end of January.




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(PRESS RELEASE) Pet Palette recently announced its exclusive U.S. distribution partnership with The New Zealand Natural Pet Food Co. Pet Palette will be carrying the raw freeze-dried MEOW and WOOF food and treats as well as their Manuka Honey, which can be used as both a healthy treat or topper. The New Zealand Natural Pet Food Co. line is scheduled to reach our shores at the end of January.

“We are excited to offer this unique and healthy brand to our retailers across the country and we really believe in the products. They’re going to resonate with pet owners who want the best for their animals, and independent retailers who hand pick only the best products to carry,” said Ron Metzger, president and COO of Pet Palette.

All recipes are made in New Zealand using ethically sourced ingredients, grown and raised by fair trade farms. Produced in small batches, combining both the nutrition and the taste of fresh, raw food. A gentle freeze-drying process is used, which protects the natural enzymes; nothing is cooked out. Both WOOF and MEOW offer seven unique recipes that benefit a pet’s well-being.

Business partners Amber Cordero and Jacqueline Taylor started The New Zealand Natural Pet Food Co. in 2016 out of a desire to give pet parents a convenient, natural, and complete raw diet to feed their pets.

“Much of the pet food out there is the equivalent of junk food for animals,” says Cordero. “You wouldn’t subject your family to a constant diet of junk, so it is time to think again about what ingredients are in those foods and what your pet has evolved to eat in the first place.”

“We want our animals to not just live and survive, but to thrive,” says Taylor. “Our natural premium pet food range uses fresh whole ingredients, brimming with earth-grown goodness which your animal’s body will recognize to heal and nourish itself, just as nature intended,” she said.


Bright white packaging offers a striking design that showcases the fresh ingredients in each bag. This, paired with a great margin for retailers and complete transparency with consumers, will no doubt result in a bright future for The New Zealand Natural Pet Food Co. in the United States.



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