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Eyenimal and Ideal Pet Products Collaborate at Global Pet Expo

Through their ongoing partnership, the two companies create and distribute a wide variety of “smart” pet products.




(PRESS RELEASE) Eyenimal, a leading developer of high-tech pet products, is collaborating with Ideal Pet Products to unveil an assortment of items at the Global Pet Expo, which will be held March 20-22, 2019 in Orlando, FL. United by a shared dedication to pets and their owners, the two companies frequently work together to deliver innovative product solutions that revolutionize the special human-animal relationship. The new items on display at Global Pet Expo will include a Bluetooth-enabled bark control collar and a series of automated drinking fountains designed to keep cats and small dogs hydrated throughout the day.

With a mission to “make man pet’s best friend,” Eyenimal designs and manufactures a diverse range of products that combine cutting-edge technology with intuitive, user-friendly design. The company begins the product development process by researching the daily lives of cats and dogs in order to learn more about their needs and habits. Armed with this insight, Eyenimal develops smart products — including electronic feeding devices, toys and training tools — that aim to improve pets’ health and happiness while simplifying the pet care process for owners. Eyenimal has been a brand of Num’Axes, a French company that specializes in electronic dog training solutions, since 2011. Although Eyenimal is based in the U.S., most of its products are created in the company’s original home of France and retain a uniquely French touch.

As a leading developer of high-quality pet doors since 1979, Ideal Pet Products shares Eyenimal’s goal of creating groundbreaking products that enhance quality of life for pets and their owners. The company’s pet doors maximize freedom for cats and dogs, while providing owners with the peace of mind that their four-legged family members are comfortable and safe. Ideal Pet Products offers an extensive selection of over 200 handcrafted pet doors and pet product replacement parts. Based in California, the company is also committed to conserving natural resources by ensuring that its pet doors are designed to save energy.

At the Global Pet Expo, Eyenimal and Ideal Pet Products will showcase the following newly released items:

• CanicalmSmart. Equipped with cutting-edge bark detection and correction technology from Num’Axes, this programmable, Bluetooth-connected bark control collar offers different stimulation modes to help users calm dogs with a wide range of behavioral tendencies. The collar detects barking through vibrations in the dog’s throat, ensuring that it will not be erroneously activated by the barking of nearby dogs or other noises. Compact, lightweight and comfortable, Canicalm Smart is waterproof and suitable for most breeds. Users may download the free Canicalm Smart app for iOS and Android, which allows them to operate the collar directly from their smartphones within Bluetooth range.


• StreamPet Fountain. This fountain for cats and small dogs combines style and functionality to provide a constant, adjustable stream of freshly cycled, aerated water. The Stream Pet Fountain is equipped with a charcoal filter that removes impurities and ensures that the water is rich in oxygen. Pets will be drawn to the continuously bubbling stream, which encourages them to stay hydrated throughout the day and thus promotes their health and well-being. The fountain features an attractive, modern design that is sure to complement the style of any home.

• SmartBloom Pet Fountain. This innovative water fountain is motion activated, which encourages cats and small dogs to take a drink whenever they enter the sensor area. Owners may also choose to have the fountain operate continuously or by periodic activation. As with the Stream Pet Fountain, the Smart Bloom Pet Fountain features a charcoal filter to clean and aerate the water.

• BloomPet Fountain. Another option in Eyenimal’s line of high-tech drinking fountains, the Bloom Pet Fountain offers a triple-action filter for maximum purity. The product has an adjustable flow and comes with two interchangeable spouts (tap or waterfall), enabling users to choose the settings that will most effectively entice their cats or small dogs to hydrate.

Eyenimal and Ideal Pet Products are looking forward to introducing attendees of the Global Pet Expo to their groundbreaking new products. To learn more about these companies, visit and



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