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This meme perfectly captures what is probably the single most awkward moment in all of retail.
Some of us are math-challenged. And when customers do this one thing, it makes us nuts.
Star employees always walk a little taller than the non-stars, don't they?
Why do customers always seem to think you've got an Amazon warehouse out back?
Admit it. You feel this way too.
Often, this customer threat doesn't have the earth-shaking power they think it does.
Working in retail means never knowing when the terrible-customer bomb is going to blow up our day.
In retail, it typically doesn't take long for angry customers to start, uh, unburdening themselves.
Spongebob coolly deflects another common customer ruse.
When customers do this, you'll wish you were wearing a hazmat suit.
Oblivious, entitled employees ... you gotta love 'em.
Ah, the small but poignant pleasures of retail.
You can see it in his eyes. This one is destined for retail greatness.
Retail's ultimate jump scare.
Customer service means completely different things to different people.
In their effort to populate each sales shift, sometimes retail managers can become a bit single-minded.
At least once a week, you'll meet the "zany" customer who breaks off this crusty old retail joke.
Look on my nametag, ye mighty, and despair!
Musafa and Simba offer a poignant insight into the retail work schedule.
Ever have one of these customers? Of course you have.
On a bad day, the retail life can cause severe brain trauma. But they're not all bad days, people ... right? Right?
Employee of the year material here.
It gets real intense out there in the retail war zone.
When customers learn that a familiar adage isn't necessarily true, they're shaken to the core.
24 Memes That Hilariously Capture What It’s Like to Work in Retail