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Fear Free Pet Treatment Group Announces New CEO

This move is one of many planned for 2022 in an effort to continue transforming the treatment of pets and reducing fear, anxiety and stress. 




Ruth Garcia

Ruth Garcia

(PRESS RELEASE) Fear Free, LLC announced that former chief operating Officer Ruth Garcia has been promoted to the role of CEO as of January 1, 2022. Fear Free’s founder and former CEO Dr. Marty Becker will continue to play a vital part of the organization as founder and chief professional relations officer.

Garcia was Fear Free’s COO since its inception in 2016, and she led with her passion about animals, their emotional wellbeing, and providing the veterinary and pet industry with high-quality, relevant, and engaging education. With over 10 years of experience successfully growing and scaling start-up businesses, Garcia thrives on creating and maintaining a culture of excellence, compassion, and commitment while helping businesses reach the next level.

“I am tremendously honored and excited to step into the role of CEO at Fear Free and to continue Dr. Becker’s legacy of making the world a better place for animals,” Garcia said. “Fear Free’s vision of creating a world where people understand and embrace the importance of the emotional wellbeing of animals will remain our guiding star as we continue to grow our reach and our ecosystem. By connecting with more pet owners and expanding our programs and courses into new verticals to support professionals working with animals, we will continue to create a lasting positive impact on people, pets, and the profession.”

“When people think of Fear Free, they often think of me,” added Dr. Becker. “What they don’t know is that the person most responsible for Fear Free’s success is Ruth Garcia. Having been with Fear Free since the very beginning, Ruth has guided the company’s growth from an idea to an industry standard. It’s with nothing but excitement that I step down as Fear Free’s CEO and let Ruth continue to execute our vision.”

Stepping into the role of COO will be Tori Williams, who joins the Fear Free team with extensive management and operational experience through a decade-long career in the animal welfare non-profit sector. She began her career at the Richmond SPCA, where she worked to successfully open a high-quality veterinary hospital to increase access to low-cost care for the community. She then transitioned to the Denver Dumb Friends League, where she oversaw shelter veterinary teams ranging over multiple locations and providing diverse medical care to thousands of animals per year. Her passion and investment in the Fear Free model stems from her extensive hands-on experience with animals in high-stress situations.


“What I found most exciting about Fear Free is the incredible investment being made in animals by people who care deeply for them,” Williams said. “This company is a true leader in the animal welfare industry. It’s a privilege to join a team dedicated to changing the way people care for and think about all animals.”



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