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FISKOLíA Omega-3 Herring Fish Oil Is Now Available In The United States

Premium omega-3 fish oil for pets.




(PRESS RELEASE) ICELAND — Consumed and loved by humans for years, FISKOLíA Omega-3 Herring fish oil is now available in the United States for dogs and cats as a supplement or pet food ingredient. Pet food manufacturers can maintain/enhance the integrity of their products and recipes, texture, taste and consumer approval (both human and non-human). It is a great appetizer and complementary food supplement, while passing on the many pet health benefits of fish oil. It is the first of its kind, premium omega-3 fish oil for pets with no taste, no smell, no burping and a shelf-life that is double the shelf life of regular fish oil due to its unique oxidative stability being 2x more than cod liver oil.

Wild Iceland Fish Oil Company (WIFO) focuses on the purity of its product (FISKOLíA) and the quality of raw materials. WIFO sources fish oil from food-grade certified fishmeal factories in Iceland. The original raw material are off-cuts from fresh pelagic fish, wild caught in the pristine and unpolluted North-Atlantic Ocean surrounding Iceland, with non-detectable levels of mercury or toxins, obtained through our patented process. Icelandic fisheries are carefully conducted and regarded as responsible and sustainable; herring and capelin fisheries are MSC certified.

FISKOLíA is 100% natural fish oil with no taste, no odor, and contains low oxidation levels and healthy Omega -3 fatty acids in the 20% range, including EPA/DPA. (Total Omega-3 fatty acids are around 22%, including EPA/DPA of 15%).

“We are excited to introduce this product to the US market,” said Einar Ulfsson, president of Wild Iceland Fish Oil, the US subsidiary of FISKOLíA. “Our product is derived out of responsibly sourced pelagic herring fish from the clear waters of Iceland with minimal environmental impact, and a carbon friendly and sustainable approach to preserving a natural balance in the sea. It also has very low oxidation levels which is good for longevity. FISKOLíA has already experienced market success in the South Korean, UK and other European markets, and we are encouraged by the initial, strong interest here in the US.”



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